Knappogue Castle 1995

Knappogue Castle 1995 1

Continuing on with the highly popular, never doubted, and generally treated with respect Irish Whiskey min-binge!

So I ordered a bunch of Irish whiskies from Flaviar. They ship to Canada, so that leaves them as my only option. Also it’s not too bad compared to having to hunt it down at bars and restaurants.

So today we have Knappogue Castle 1995, or as I call it ‘The one I know I won’t pronounce correctly’.

This is distilled by Bushmills, starting in 1995 and then bottled in 2007 after spending time in ex-bourbon barrels. So it’s basically a Vintage version of the current Knappogue Castle 12. This is also the last Vintage release from those crazy Vagina makers at Bushmills (take some time with that joke), as now they only release the 12 year old, and stop going on about each vintage being different.

So, this is a Bushmills product, and it has castles in the name. I must enjoy this. Or maybe I’ll enjoy it. Kinda? Who knows. I’m interested, let’s see how it tastes.

Knappogue Castle 1995 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Ireland

Abv: 40%

Colour: Straw

Nose: Lemon, peach, tea biscuits, sponge candy, menthol

Sponge candy is that candy in the middle of a Crunch bar. You know, the one that gets stuck in your teeth? Yeah, that part, but without the chocolate.

Odd mixture of flavours on this one. It’s strong for an Irish whiskey, and less yeasty than others.

Taste: Funk, pepper, lemon candy, cream, light mint, nectarines

When I first nosed this whiskey, I didn’t love it, however it wasn’t horrible, and I found parts I enjoyed.

When I tasted it…. Oh wow, that Funk is way too high. I’m the one old guy at a kid’s dance in the 70’s movie, complaining about the funk, being vaguely racist if I’m white.

Eventually it goes to more of a creamy, citrus flavour, though you need to give it time.

Finish: Caramel, cream of wheat, tons of bubblegum, tarragon, tobacco

I think I’d like it more if it didn’t taste like chewing on an entire pack of Bubbleyum at once.

And don’t say you didn’t do it, because unless you’re in another country without it, you did it once, and you were an idiot for doing it.

Conclusion: I want to enjoy this more than I do. The nose is meh, though has some nice notes. The tastes… starts really fucking painful, but eventually turns to a nice citrus. The finish has too much bubblegum sweetness, and is unbalanced.

I’d skip this one. it’s not horrible, it’s just… not amazing either.


World Whiskey review #74, Ireland review #16, Whiskey Network Review #365

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