Macallan Fine Oak 15 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #9]

Macallan Fine Oak 15 1

So /u/muaddib99 has finally shown up to the Feathers Pub meetup, which I was ridiculously early for.

And it’s time to refill my drink. I have to get the ‘boring’ drams out of the way before moving onto the crazy drams to impress and amaze the other whisky nerds.

At least, that’s how my brain thinks, because High School was rough, yo.

Anyways, as some of you may know, I’m a stickler for lists. I love lists, I love completing things. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was a perfect example: I had to complete every single gap and every single thing.

Why? Because I needed to. Also, the game had an amazing soundtrack and was fun as hell. Might break it out tomorrow.

Anyway, /r/Scotch has recommend lists. And I’ve been working on them since I started here, because I needed to. I finished the beginner’s list. Why? Because I needed to.

So there’s three drams left on the ‘Next Level Malts’ made by people from the olden days of /r/Scotch (like 3 years ago).

And here’s one of them: Macallan Fine Oak 15 year. Aged in a mixture of Bourbon and Sherry casks, I’ve been warming up to the Fine Oak range more and more. This was a little too cost prohibitive when it was at the LCBO last Xmas, so I didn’t try it. And now it’s gone.

Oh well, Feathers had it, so I’m all good now.

Macallan Fine Oak 15 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO at the moment

Region: Speyside

Abv: 43%

Colour: Pale Bone

Nose: Lemon, linen, strawberry, honey, pineapple

If you put this and some test products for laundry in front of me, I’d be hard pressed at first to figure out which to drink.

Well, other than noticing one was florescent blue and and the other a pale yellow, but that’s not helping the situation, so I’ll ask you to stop bringing that up.

Anyway, it’s very light. Also, I’m picking up a lot of pineapple notes tonight, which is odd. Might be /u/muaddib99 and his aftershave. Or I could be having a seizure.

Taste: Lemon, sandy, strawberry, brown butter, vanilla

Again, citrus, but more so like a nice Chardonnay at first. Eventually there’s more ex-Bourbon notes, and even a little Sherry that mixes well with it.

Nice to drink too. Not overtly smooth, though not overpowering. Good balance.

Finish: Earth, mushroom, spicy, cherry, plum, anise, orange

And then the sherry pushes the bourbon out of the way. Boom Bitch!

Seriously though, it’s a complex, very sherried finish. If you don’t like sherry casks, run away from this whisky.

Conclusion: It’s the right level on a lot of different things. This is a well crafted malt, and I don’t blame the ancient ones who started this subreddit and keep it going for adding it to the list. Very tasty, very nice to sip on, and beyond a sherry-tastic finish, this is well balanced between the two casks.

The 17 is a lot better, however I’d ‘settle’ for the 15, given the chance.


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