Glenrothes Select Reserve

My last day on vacation. I’ve been enjoying whisky all day, with some breaks. And some walking. And some exploring. And some pictures from my wife (not that kind, sicko). So I’m running out of whiskies to review. In life, in general. Especially Scotch. I know, what a rough life. Did I tell you how […]

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Four Roses Small Batch 2014

I was at a second bar when I tried this. And I had some food, more water, and more time. Also a walk to clear my head. I think I’m okay to do more reviews. Gotta break my record. Four Roses Small Batch, just by itself. Not a limited edition, not anything like that. It’s […]

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Longrow 10

Campbeltown. Take some time to memorize that name. Because if you’re like me, you’ll spell it wrong over and over and over again. I’m still at the same bar as my last 3 reviews. And I notice something in the corner of my eye. I’ve chugged a LOT of water between drams to ensure my […]

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Hakushu 12

Oh, am I late for the community review? Of course. I take half a month to drink my fanny off (that means vagina in the UK) and I miss the main event. As usual. Wa-wa (imagine that as a sad sound effect). I apologize I didn’t walk into this bar a few weeks earlier and […]

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Fighting Cock 6

Hey, look! It’s a bandwagon. Now, do I feign being the Hipster I constantly fight myself from being and say that I did this review before it was cool, or do I just put it out there that I tried it because it was at a bar in Leicester and I was trying to beat […]

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Noah’s Mill

Hi /r/bourbon! I haven’t posted to you for a few days. Or a week. It’s hard to tell, what with a crazy weekend filled with a Kids in the Hall performance, an exam, a fever, and a delayed Easter dinner. What year is it? Or what with still catching up on the last of my […]

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Auchroisk 1989 Small Batch 24

I have a feeling, sometimes, that the entire island of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland) are playing a joke on me. Heck, even Ireland may be in on it. Which is okay, I like a good joke. Try saying any of the town/city names that aren’t well known in any of the country. Just try. […]

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