Fettercairn Signatory Vintage 1996

Fettercairn Signatory Vintage 1996

So I’m still at the Garrick’s Head in Bath. And it’s a tad expensive. And I find out there’s a 7.50 pound minimum for credit cards. So I order two.

Because why not order two?

I’ll be honest: Up until late last year I knew nothing about Fettercairn at all. Never seen or heard of them, and they were part of my least liked region. Wasn’t looking that great for the plucky northern distillery. They actually are right up my alley: They have an odd shaped still and irregular ring to deliver interesting spirits. Also they sell mostly NAS whisky until it’s at least 24 years, then start selling the older stuff asthe main draw.

If that doesn’t sum me up, it’s because I’m a human and not a company. Stop being silly.

Suffice to say since then I’ve had one. And it was nice, so when I needed to buy a second dram behind the Caol Ila I wanted, I decided on this one. It is again part of the Unchillfiltered collection from Signatory, which has been a tad dodgy in the past.

Fettercairn Signatory Vintage 1996 is the dram that I wasn’t suppose to get, yet here we are. It’s all an adventure, and other than seeing Russell Howard out walking around later, this would be a nice time to sit back and relax.

And perhaps get a little more tipsy than I should.

Price: N/A in the LCBO

Region: Highland

Abv: 46%

Age: 16 years

Distilled on: 30.09.1996

Bottled on: 21.11.2012

Matured in: Hogshead

Cask No: 4346

Bottle No: 280/359

Colour: Urine

Nose: Peach, floral, cardamon, lime, old banana

In a word: Fruity. In multiple words: Really fucking fruity. Somewhat light, though has a little bit of floral and spice, which is needed.

Taste: Lime, candy, pepper, grapefruit smoothie, ginger

Sweet. Kinda like drinking candy in a way. Not much else going on outside of fruity candy, though nice. Good mouthfeel as well.

Not mind blowing, but nice. Good on a warm spring day.

Finish: Licorice, ginger beer, straw, mango candy

The finish is more spicy than the rest, and is a little out of left field. Doesn’t really mesh with the rest, if I’m being honey, though eventually has some of the fruit from before.

Conclusion: This has more complexity than some drams, and tasted better than the Fasque. However I was expecting a little more, so I’d probably pass on buying a bottle. It’s not that great to warrant the price. A spring dram that I’d only recommend buying an ounce of.


Scotch review #279, Highland review #43, Whisky Network review #415

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