Old Pulteney 17

Old Pulteney 17 1

So I’m at Cadenheads, and then all my money evaporated.

But that’s a /r/whiskyporn post for another day.

After exiting the den of money disappearing, I ended up at Salt Whisky bar and Dining room.

No one really warned me what Salt was: Salt, it turns out, is a whisky bar, shisha terrace, club, and Indian restaurant.

Yeah, you read that all right. It’s a lot to take in. They also make an amazing fish and chips with turmeric as well.

None the less, the whisky list is extensive (over 250) and I couldn’t afford the Kurizawa 31 ($100 CAD a shot) so I went for something that has been hard to find, Old Pulteney 17.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the entry level Old Pulteney when I first tried it. The 12 just wasn’t my bag. And then I tried the 21, because why the heck not go full hog, and it was quite tasty.

So I looked for the Old Pulteney 17, and it would seem it’s illegal in Canada given the rarity. And why not? It’s aged in ex-Bourbon casks and ex-Sherry casks (mostly PX and Oloroso), so of course it’s banned.

So, as I enjoy club music and wait for my two plates of naan bread, let’s try this dram, shall we?

Old Pulteney 17 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Highland

Abv: 46%

Colour: Brown

Nose: Peach, the sea-side, grapefruit, lemon, campfire smoke

They really do the sea portion of this dram well. Mixed with the citrus notes it gives a Sea Breeze cocktail vibe, with some smoke.

A little bit too much fruit in the nose. It’s a tad overbalanced.

Taste: Caramel, smoke, grapefruit, sea salt, dry, oregano, salt water toffee

Deep flavours, and continues on the Sea Breeze vibe. Also has a lot more going on, and eventually you get this New England toffee down by the sea shore. Doesn’t set off memories, however if you’re from Kennebunkport it may.

Finish: Caramel, dry, pear, orange peel, salish

Faint. Sad, really. This was being really consistent and nice, and then the end just dies like a Kennedy.

Too bad really.

Conclusion: This has all the potential elements to be really amazing, and then the finish just phones it in. Using it’s ass.

The nose and taste are amazing on this one. Not as good as the 21, better than the 12. I’d say it’s a purchase, just be ready for the finish to not live up to the rest.


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