St. Georges Distillery Diamond Jubilee (The English Whisky Company)

StGeorgeDiamond 2

You know when you learn a new word, and then hear it all the time? I had the same with a Distillery.

I find some bottles of St. George’s distillery. I’m not that into a limited release 46% 3 year whisky from a not-so proven whisky company. And then I found every chapter. Everywhere.

Every. Single. Whisky. Shop.

So I’m sitting in an Indian whisky bar (the food is Indian, not the whisky), and decide to try one of these whiskies. And not just any one, the St. Georges Distillery Diamond Jubilee (The English Whisky Company) edition. A special edition for the Queen’s 50th year of waving.

I’m no monarchist or anything. I just assume that they saved the best for the Queen. Because she could have you killed (Citation needed). Or eaten by swans (Citation Needed).

Made in Norfolk, near the Queen’s house (one of them), let’s see how it tastes.

StGeorgeDiamond 1

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: England

Abv: 46%

Age: 3 years

Colour: Light yellow

Nose: Tart, cardamom, herbal, pastry, shortbread

Not young at all in the nose. Actually has some independent, nice flavours. Give the tartness time to dissipate a little. Nice nose though. I’m genuinely surprised.

Taste: Caramel, salt, burn/pepper, lemon rind, butter

Okay, it’s a little burning because of the youth (I’m guessing), yet again, it’s not that bad.

that said, it’s basically a regular whisky taste. Nothing too crazy. Or complex.

Finish: Pear, salt, sponge, toasted whole wheat bread

The toast flavour has been a little out of it. Not really helping it. Still, I’m surprised that it has the amount of complexity that it should

Conclusion: This acts like an older malt in some areas, and shows it’s youth in others. If I didn’t know who the Queen was or that people still cared, I’d assume all of The English Whisky Company were nice, and would hunt them back down.

However I do, and I assume this is the best (next to the Royal Marriage one), because the English monarchy. So while I can recommend this one, I’m going to be hesitant about the others.


World Whisky review #83, England review #1, Whisky Network review #425

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