Noah’s Mill

Noah's Mill

Hi /r/bourbon! I haven’t posted to you for a few days.

Or a week. It’s hard to tell, what with a crazy weekend filled with a Kids in the Hall performance, an exam, a fever, and a delayed Easter dinner. What year is it?

Or what with still catching up on the last of my whiskey posts.

Anyway, I walk into this nice little pub in Leicester. Not now, before. Keep up.

So anyway, I walk in, and what do I see on the shelf? A whole bunch of brandy and rum.

Turns out the whiskey was on another shelf.

Anyway, I eventually see (because I have shit eyes (not actual shit)) Noah’s Mill, which I didn’t expect having to cross the Atlantic to find.

Granted they also had some other things, but that’s for another post.

Noah’s Mill whiskey is a small batch bourbon containing whiskies that run the gamut of 4 to 20 years old. It’s rare, or at least, rare to me. Or at least hard for me to find.

Whatever the reason, I ordered it, drank it, reviewed it, made up some dick jokes, got rid of them, wrote this post, and now I’ll say my catch phrase “Let’s see how it tastes” and we’ll dive in and continue to suspend belief.

So… Let’s see how it tastes.

Price: Nope at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 57.2%

Colour: 7/5YR 6/10

Nose: Varnish, orange peel, brown sugar, BBQed corn, lemon yogurt, ginger candy, wood shavings

Tons and tons of different, strong, distinct, and well paired notes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was at a BBQ right now with a grown man wearing jean suspenders.

And not in an ironic fashion either. He meant to look like that. On purpose.

Taste: Orange, rose water, woody, simple syrup, caramel, smoke, honey

Kinda has a sugary thing going on with some wood that I wish followed the nose a little bit better. Throws me off my game a little bit.

Granted so does having a cold for longer than a day too and post nasal drip. Not at the time of the review though, now. And not the now I was talking about in the notes, the now I am now talking about that will be posted in the future now when it’s your now.

That now.

Finish: Using a circular saw on boards during the summer, spruce, dry, light clove, dates, dried apricots, cigar

Big finish to make up for the okay taste. Sets off memories of my first job, if I’m being honest, working out in the summer, cutting boards, and nearly putting the spinning saw blade into my calf.

Good times. I like this one. Finishes with some cigar notes that I actually like in this context.

Conclusion: If the taste had been a tiny bit more out there, this may have been one of my favourite bourbons ever. That said, it’s really good. Well worth the purchase, well worth the hunt, and I wish I could get it ever. But I can’t because my country hates alcohol.

Still… really good. Complex nose and finish. This is a must try, if not a must buy.


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