Four Roses Small Batch 2014

Four Roses Small Batch 1

I was at a second bar when I tried this. And I had some food, more water, and more time. Also a walk to clear my head.

I think I’m okay to do more reviews. Gotta break my record.

Four Roses Small Batch, just by itself. Not a limited edition, not anything like that. It’s the 2014 one. This is a blend of four (count them: 4) different recipes, all mixed together and then bottled by angels.

Which four? I don’t really know. At all. I’m assuming they are all different yeasts (there are 5 years) and they use the two different mashbills two times. That’s my guess. Am I to be 100% trusted? Probably not. I’m just guessing. If you know, comment below. You’ll get imaginary internet points. At least 1 from me.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try this whiskey. It sounds fun. And it doesn’t cost too much in Ontario. So why not try it at a bar that WON’T charge me $12 for an ounce (3cl). Which is good.

So, let’s see how this whiskey tastes.

Four Roses Small Batch 2

Price: $35.95 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 45%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Corn, linen, toast, alcohol, floral, apricot

Faint nose. Really faint. I give it more time. Cover it more. Have some crisps and water to clear myself out. Finally wait again. Still faint.

Ask my wife. Still faint. Not her, the nose. It’s fruity and floral, so I’m picking up what I’ve been told about each mashbill. Otherwise, not that much.

Taste: Corn, tons of nectarine, caramel, oregano, pepper, sour wheat

So much nectarine that President’s of United States (the band, not the people) called me up to tell me their changing the name of their famous song.

It’s way overbalanced on nectarine. Not bad tasting, however that’s something to note.

Finish: Herbal, light caramel, sour lemon, pepper, ginger

Alright finish. Not that great. Doesn’t match with the rest at all. And it’s so sweet, sour, and kinda bad.

I don’t hate it, I just am not the biggest fan.

Conclusion: Like I said, I don’t hate this. It’s faint on the nose, the taste is alright, and the finish just doesn’t suit at all. It’s kinda the big downside to the whole thing, so points were lost.

I’d say this is a good second rung. It’s not bad, and you can tell there’s some great elements to it that goes to show it’s tasty, however I probably won’t be buying a bottle. I think there’s better from Four Roses out there (to be reviewed in the next 6 months).


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