Longrow 10

Longrow 10

Campbeltown. Take some time to memorize that name. Because if you’re like me, you’ll spell it wrong over and over and over again.

I’m still at the same bar as my last 3 reviews. And I notice something in the corner of my eye. I’ve chugged a LOT of water between drams to ensure my tongue isn’t all f’ed up. But I haven’t eaten. Luckily I walked a KM before all of this.

I’m an idiot kids. Or adults. Whatever you are.

Longrow 10 is a no-longer made offering from… well, Longrow. What were you expecting?

Well, they are owned by Springbank, so maybe that.

Anyway, Longrow 10 used to be made, double distilled in bourbon and sherry casks. Why was it discontinued? Or not remade? I don’t really know. Stop expecting me to be on the inside. I’m not.

For serious. Totes. I know I’m super mature and shit, but still. Not me.

Anyway, let’s see how this dram tastes.

Price: N/A in the LCBO

Region: Campbeltown

Abv: 46%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Lemon parfait, meringue, allspice, cardamom, vanilla, toasted marshmallow, hot cocoa, walking into a chocolatier

Exactly like walking into Soma in Toronto. Which I’m not in while drinking this but am in while writing this.

You can tell they took their time balancing out the different types of casks for this whisky. There’s beautiful vanilla notes mixed with the smoke of Longrow and the spice from (either) the sherry and from the dram.

This is nice. Don’t let me down dram.

Taste: Strawberry, anise, caramel cookie, raspberry jam, smoke, marshmallow fluff, vanilla, gingersnaps

Now more of the sherry comes in: Fruit flavours, jam, and even some spice. That said, the Bourbon is still fighting the whole thing out, jabbing left and right with more vanilla and deep, right notes.

The smoke works well too. It’s like having a Smore. So tasty.

Finish: Peat, buttered mushrooms, pomegrannate, BBQ pit right at the start of the night, cocoa, celery, burnt pie crust

Blam, BBQ time! Yup, big ole memories again. This is amazing. Why in the hell did they stop making this?

Conclusion: I can only assume that the owner of the distillery was forced, at gunpoint, to stop making this dram. Or it was stopped to memorialize something horrible, like the last Black Rhino dying in the wild.

This is good. You need to try it. It’s at Feather’s if you’re in Toronto.


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