Big Bottom Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish

Big Bottom Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish 1

Thanks to /u/devoz for a sample of this one.

I’m on a little bit of a review kick, as I’m finishing up sending out swaps to far away places for awhile, for reasons far beyond my control. I have some extra time these days, so I’m posting a little more often to keep up. May hit 500 reviews well before I was expecting. Oh well.

An odd whiskey for an odd feeling. Big Bottom Distilling only started distilling in 2014, so this is still sourced whiskey. From what I’ve read it’s from LDI and it’s young spirit. Correct me if I’m wrong, and throw in some mocking tone too, as I need it, as I’m pretty uppity.

I don’t have an issue with sourcing, per say. I think it’s a smart way to start a company, as stills are quite expensive, and it can take awhile to age whiskey. And at least Big Bottom points it out, though it’d be nice if it was a little bit clearer. Granted I’m just agreeing with Chuck now, and we don’t need to rehash his blog.

Suffice to say I’m reviewing Big Bottom Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish. This whiskey has a 36% rye mashbill, and is finished in 10 year soaked Tawny Port barrels for 6 months.

Okay… so it’s NAS. And sourced, and (reportedly) quite young. However I didn’t mind the last Big Bottom I had, so maybe I’ll enjoy this one to the hilt? Maybe I’m just a sucker for young (yet still legal) bottoms?

Let’s see how this Big Bottom tastes.

Big Bottom Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Port Cask Finish 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Oregon

Abv: 45.5%

Colour: 7.5R 3/6

Nose: Strawberry, Swedish Berries, papaya, straw, pepper, ginger, apple, lemon, molasses

Strawberry and Swedish Berries aren’t that different. Actually most of the initial notes are just different red “fruit” notes. Eventually there’s some spice and different flavours here. Kinda light, even for the high-ish Abv.

I’m wondering about this Bottom. The nose means it may not be as clean tasting as the last one I had on my tongue.

Taste: Ginger, lemon, lime gelatin, papaya, peanut, nutmeg

Not bad. This Big Bottom has a nutty taste after awhile, and a lot of fruit in it.

I can tell the rye element in it is more forward on the taste.

Finish: Sea air, papaya, caramel, celeriac, coconut oil, peanut, lime, corn

Refreshing for part of the finish, and oddly earthy. There’s dirt on this Big Bottom.

The earthy elements don’t mesh well, and I think it’s a little too young at the end, which will get you in trouble.

Conclusion: Ass.

Anyway, moving along from my high brow humour…

This is an interesting whiskey. It goes to show that I like my whiskey older. If I compare this to High West, for instance, I’m missing some of the more developed flavours, the meshing between the malt, the port, and I even find myself missing the French oak influence.

At the end of the day, for something quite young, this does well, though has some rough edges that keep it from being something I’d buy a bottle of. I’d still recommend having a dram at some point, and want to see what else the company has done. Stick to the Cabernet Cask.


Bourbon review #65, Oregon review #3, Whiskey Network Review #469

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