anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition 2nd Release

anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition 2nd Release 1

Thanks to /u/percyhedgehog[1] for the sample of this artsy brand.

Knockando, which used to name it’s whisky the same Alcohol soaked Gaelic name, now brings out anCnoc (a-nock). Let’s get passed that.

It’s all silly words. And I already wrote about that. Probably. I don’t know, I’ve been drinking.


Anyway, back in 2012, when we were all young and didn’t know any better, Knockandu made a partnership with Peter Arkle, a Scottish illustrator, to create the labels for their special edition. The whisky is limited, and the labels are… not really, because they are on every bottle, but limited in a sense.

Who is Peter Arkle, you ask? Well he lives in New York City (cue old El-Paso commercial here), and he’s a Freelance illustrator for various forms of media, including his own. If he had anything to do with the whisky, I’m not privy to it.

So I’m reviewing anCnoc – Peter Arkle Limited Edition 2nd Release. The 2nd release shows the barrels, in their own happy hide-y holes, laying in wait to take all of my money.

This whisky was aged in both American and Spanish oak barrels. That doesn’t seem to differ from their normal whisky line-up, which is put in ex-Bourbon American Oak and ex-Sherry Spanish oak casks. However they don’t state the origin on these ones, so maybe it’s the same?

Whatever. It’s NAS, it has pretty labels, and it may or may not taste like swill. Let’s see how it tastes.

anCnoc Peter Arkle Limited Edition 2nd Release 2

Price: N/A at the moment

Region: Highland

Abv: 46%

Colour: 10YR 6/8

Nose: Watermelon, lemon cake, nutmeg, cereal, pear, vanilla royal icing

Light, sweet, and just the right amount of cereal. So that’s both good and bad. Don’t expect anything really powerful here, expect… something light.

I like the watermelon, personally. However that’s probably because I like watermelon candy. Some of you may find it too sweet, especially given my sweet tooth (and I don’t mean I own an insane clown).

Taste: Caramel, cereal, nutmeg, nectarine, mushroom, tarragon, ouzo

Smooth. Very smooth. Good mouthfeel smooth, not lacks any big flavours smooth. Though the flavours are muted.

The earth notes do not help it out, yet the cereal, again, surprisingly is well balanced, and not over the top. Again, unfortunately everything is like that in the taste.

Finish: Cereal, crunchy caramel, ginger, coffee, floral, peach

Gee, more caramel and cereal. Let’s not change too much, shall we?

The finish is better than the taste. It does fix the earth issue, and has some nice flavours to it.

Conclusion: Okay, so let’s address the Elephant in the room: Yes, this is a limited edition NAS that, from what it seems, is just the normal dram without an age statement and with some nice art.

It tastes nice. It’s better than the 12 year. Should you buy it? At the price, I’d have to say no, unless you’re a huge anCnoc fan and want a collectors item. The juice is nice.

The recent edition (4) is 40%. And that makes me sad. So maybe the 2nd edition gets more points for that. I don’t know yet, haven’t had it just yet. Soon though.


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