1792 Ridgemont Reserve

It’s time to get back to normal. And for me, that means catching up on reviews this week. However before I do that, I’ll be reviewing 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, which I purchased for my father for his Birthday. Because I’m a good son (also because I can try some of it). Let’s go with the […]

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Forty Creek Heart of Gold

I’m somewhat behind on my reviews these days, what with being busy as all hell. So I held up some of my sample reviews and decided instead to review a bottle I have kicking around. I like Forty Creek. I like what they do. They try different things, which is a hell of a lot […]

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Talisker 30 (2011 release)

And now we come to the last installment of “Talisker: Barely Know her!” We’re ending with an oldy (but not the oldest) and a goody, Talisker 30 (2011 release). And again I get mixed up and buy the ‘wrong dram’. This was suppose to be the 2009 version, and I ended up missing out on […]

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Talisker 25 (2011 Release)

Continuing on my ongoing series I call “Talisker: Hardly Know Her!”, we have Talisker 25 (2011 Release) up next. And you may be asking yourself: Where is that large automobile? And that’s a good question for talking heads to discuss, not so much me. More so you may be asking why I put the release […]

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Talisker 18

This is the first in a three part series I’m calling “Talisker: Barely Know her!” Yes, that should alienate some of my fans nicely. So, up first we have Talisker 18. Winner of the 2007 World Whisky award for Best Whisky in the World, I’ve always wondered about this Diageo sponsored whisky. It’s suppose to […]

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Collingwood 21 Rye

Thanks to /u/Devoz for this dram in a swap. So I had swapped for Collingwood 21 Rye, mostly because I didn’t like buying a full bottle of a limited edition, old Canadian Rye (actual rye) that was low alcohol content. I have finite money, and I opted not to. That said I was still curious as […]

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