Collingwood 21 Rye

Collingwood 21 Rye 1

Thanks to /u/Devoz for this dram in a swap.

So I had swapped for Collingwood 21 Rye, mostly because I didn’t like buying a full bottle of a limited edition, old Canadian Rye (actual rye) that was low alcohol content. I have finite money, and I opted not to.

That said I was still curious as to if I made the right decision. I mean, yeah, it’s $70 (at the time). That’s pricey.

However it’s also a fun story behind it: It’s a lost barrel that was left around, only know as lot 41-06-91. Probably made back when the distillery was called Canadian Mist. And they finish it with a full maple toasted barrel, which is pretty unique. So maybe I should have bought it?

Oh well. At the end of the day, I bought something else, and I’m reviewing this one here because of a swap. I waited until I had properly reviewed the main brand before jumping into this one.

So, let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Collingwood 21 Rye 2

Price: No longer available at the LCBO… guess I missed my chance

Region: Canada, or currently, that place that is hosting the Pan Am games

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10R 4/8

Nose: Cherry, butter, lime, park, ginger, coconut, lemon, maple sugar

Nice grassy (park) and cherry/butter flavours. The maple in this case could have used some more time in the cask. It’s rough like a dog’s rebuttal.

Taste: Maple, grape, curry, ginger, cassia buds, watermelon

And more maple. Though it blends well.

That said, and I’m sorry to say it, but this is really light in the flavour department. It should have these really nice, interesting flavours, however it’s just kinda… hard to find? Subtle in that bad way?

It’s a wall flower whisky.

Finish: Maple, currant, cranberry, potato/taro, pepper, peach

Interesting earth flavours, some nice punch up on the flavour intensity, and some heat here. It’s still not doing as much as I know it could, however it’s better than the taste, and has a long finish on it.

Very earthy. Haven’t eaten this much dirt since I delivered manure.

Conclusion: It’s a good dram. Could it have been great? Hells yes it would have been.

Honestly, this has a great nose, a nice long, unique (for a Canadian whisky) finish, and traces of what should be great flavours in the taste.

And it’s all held back by low Abv. So I don’t feel bad for not buying a bottle. Next time they find a lost cask, I hope they sell it for $40 more and at cask strength.


World Whisky review #97, Canada review #35, Whisky Network review #505

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