Talisker 25 (2011 Release)

Talisker 25 (2011 Release) 1

Continuing on my ongoing series I call “Talisker: Hardly Know Her!”, we have Talisker 25 (2011 Release) up next.

And you may be asking yourself: Where is that large automobile? And that’s a good question for talking heads to discuss, not so much me.

More so you may be asking why I put the release up in the title, as I typically don’t. And I’ll tell you why: Because originally I was aiming to buy the 2009 release.

I find out what drams from a variety of sources (4). One of these many (4) sources is the book “1001 Whiskies to taste before you die”. With such a joyfully happy name, how could I not?

One of the Taliskers they recommend is Talisker 25 (2009 Release). And I thought I had bought it. I didn’t, but said “Oh well.” It’s the same stuff, right?


The reason they recommend the 2009 is because it’s cask strength at 50+%, where as this one is the cute 45.8 they like for almost all other drams.

Oh well. I’ll have the 2009 some day, I’m not worried. So let’s see how the 2011 tastes, shall we?

Editor’s Note (yes it’s still me): I did not know the difference while reviewing this one, so my bad luck did not cloud my judgement.

Talisker 25 (2011 Release) 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO… they do have the 2009 though… dammit. Nope, they have this one, at $351.90 (CAD). Damn website was off.

Region: Island

Abv: 45.8%

Colour: 2.5Y 7/8

Nose: Pear, brine, smoke, raspberry, Sprite, pork chops, lavender chocolate, coconut

Really nice nose. Has this floral note that blends well with the earth and sweet notes.

Also pork chops… who doesn’t like the smell of Pork Chops (other than people who don’t eat Pork, I guess).

Taste: Peat, pepper, chipotle, cranberry, salt’n vinegar chips, mango, leather, birch sap

Where as the 18 was lackluster and muted, this one has a lot of peat, pepper, and brine notes. Lots of them. Like eating pickles on the bottom of the sea with a pissed off person.

Yeah. That salty. Very tasty. A little umami works with it as well.

Finish: Cocoa, smoke, salt, tarragon, woody, oregano, mint, allspice, apple

This is one of the few Taliskers that I’ve had that has developed a really complex finish. Not as complex as the taste or nose, however it’s really starting to blossom (like the show, not so much the flower).


Conclusion: This is a really good dram. For all the worries of a Cask Strength dram versus a lower Abv., it still delivers, and very well at that.

I may need to pick up a 2009. Could be fun at Cask Strength.

None the less, it didn’t set off memories, yet came really close. And 350 isn’t so bad for a 25 year whisky that is above 43%. The floral notes and the earth are the heroes of the dram. The brine is a little unpleasant at first, however I liked it this time. Don’t know why, usually I don’t like brine at all.

Oh well. Pick up a bottle, it’s worth it.


Scotch review #340, Island review #30, Whisky Network review #507

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