Talisker 30 (2011 release)

Talisker 30 (2011 release) 1

And now we come to the last installment of “Talisker: Barely Know her!” We’re ending with an oldy (but not the oldest) and a goody, Talisker 30 (2011 release).

And again I get mixed up and buy the ‘wrong dram’. This was suppose to be the 2009 version, and I ended up missing out on the last of the drams. The difference between them is the 2009 is Cask Strength, and this one is ‘Talisker strength’.

Which isn’t so bad. I mean, it’s not like they lowered it down to 43% or even 40%. Then it wouldn’t even be worth it.

None the less, this is still something very interesting. It’s 30 years on the Isle of Skye saw lots of Angel’s Share fly away into the… is it a sea? Yeah, let’s say a sea. That sounds right.

And it’s 1 year older than me. Well, it was put in the cask a year before I was born, more like it. So that’s pretty cool. And completely ex-Bourbon casks too.

I know I’m somewhat disappointed after finding out the 2009 was Cask Strength, however this may still be good. So let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Talisker 30 (2011 release) 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Island

Abv: 45.8%

Colour: 5Y 6/8

Nose: Pear, smoke, floral, raspberry, grapefruit, plum, Sprite, nectarine, vanilla pudding, butterscotch

There’s a fruity/floral/Bed, Bath, and Beyond note to this one that really comes forward. And it’s all over the place too. Normally I’d only write one or two fruits (or three), and then say “Well, I’m just naming fruit now”, however this is distinct and nice.

Quite pungent too. Knocks your nose around quite a bit. Not overly sweet. It’s balanced.

Taste: Peat, butter, walnut, salty pretzels or peanuts (couldn’t figure it out), marzipan, strawberry/Framboise, melon, dry

Very dry as time goes on. And the brine has gone from “hmm, pickles” to more so “hmm, peanuts/pretzels/baseball”, though doesn’t quite hit that reminding me of baseball memory note.

Almost though. Very close.

Finish: Almond, bread dough, birch sap, sulphur, brine, dill, coffee cake, cumin, ginger-ale, cinnamon

It finishes like an Irish whiskey. Which is super weird. And there’s sulphur, however it’s not a bad amount, just a light amount. Really odd, dry, spicey, earthy, thing.

Conclusion: This is a nice dram. Is it worth the extra money over the 25? Debatable. It’s slightly better. The finish is different and interesting. It’s not quite there. Maybe if it was WAY better, or somewhat better.

But I’m splitting hairs. It should be Cask Strength, and it isn’t. Maybe if it was, I wouldn’t have a chance to have any. Maybe I would. It is complex, balanced, earthy/briney/fruit thing that I’m glad to have.

And know I know her.


Scotch review #341, Island review #31, Whisky Network review #508

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