Strathclyde 23 Battlehill

Thanks to /u/PeatReek for including this mystery sample as part of our recent swap. So I’m doing things a little bit different for this mystery review. Normally I post a guess, and then find out if I’m right or wrong. In this case I reviewed it, and then found out I was wrong from /u/PeatReek after the […]

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Collingwood Whisky

And back to reality, ladies and gents. No more fanfare, I need to review some whiskies that aren’t rare or expensive. Because the thing is: If I only bought/reviewed/tasted whisky that was super pricey, I’d develop an odd complex. Can’t have the sweet without the sour, right? Can’t know the good without the okay. I […]

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Dallas Dhu 20 Signatory Vintage 1974

So… this is my 500th whisky review. That includes World Whisky, Bourbon/American Whiskey, and Scotch. And I’ve just hit 500. Damn I’m old. Well, not old. Possibly inebriated. Might have overdone it. I mean… let’s look back. I’m the schmuck who started with a review of a Indian Blended Whisky, Desert Queen. On /r/scotch (before /r/worldwhisky was […]

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