Benromach Sassicaia Finish

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this dram. It’s no secret that I love odd finishes. The weirder, the better. Try something different. Do something different. Try something odd. We all drink other alcohols (well, probably not, but I’m going to guess most of us do). We all have had something and said “Why did I drink […]

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Old Forester Signature

Thanks to /u/Vynidaris for this dram. For 140 years, Old Forester has been making bourbon. The current incarnation of Old Forester Bottled in Bond, or the closest thing to it, is Old Forester Signature. It’s no longer Bottled in Bond, however it is 100 proof, and from hand selected barrels. I guess it was hard […]

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Auchentoshan 14 Cadenheads Small Batch

Thanks to /u/PeatReeks for this sample. Apologies to for stealing your image. I like Lowlands. There aren’t many Lowlands. I’ve had a lot from Auchentoshan. Yup, that sums up a lot of my reviews for Lowland whiskies. Let’s try something different. Maybe talk about being behind on reviews? No, wait I’ve played that card […]

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Tomatin 12 Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/PeatReeks for this sample. Apologies to my fellow review machine, /u/cjotto9 for using the image before asking first. It was the only one I could find. I don’t enjoy Highlands compared to other regions of Scotlands for whisky. Love visiting; don’t get me wrong. At least, I think. Let me check a map. […]

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Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon

Thanks to /u/PeatReek for this sample. Longrow Red 11 Cabernet-Sauvignon sounds like an odd mash up. Something that Girl Talk or White Panda thought up. I mean, Longrow is the heavily peated Scotch from Springbank, sided by Springbank (dur) and Hazelburn. And since I’ve reviewed one of the Reds before, I should try another (more […]

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Blanton’s Original Single Barrel

Thanks to /u/Vynidaris for this sample! So I’m trying to keep up on boozing, but works crazy, personal life is busy (but good), and we’re slowly falling into the abyss that is the holiday season of crazy times and even busier times for my job. Blanton’s Original Single Barrel is what’s up today. Or at […]

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Bastille 1789

So yes… this has some question marks on it, and was supposed to be a mystery sample from /u/Devoz. However he told me what it was when he thought I had already reviewed it for a whisky tasting I ran. When I told him I hadn’t, he told me it was Bastille 1789, a French […]

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