Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak Reserve

Thanks to /u/slackerdude¬†for this sample. Glenfiddich and I have an odd past. Not “They killed my grandfather” past or “I was hunted down by illegal aliens who only drank it”, more so I’m all over the place on how I review it. And thus how I react to it. Glenfiddich 12 and I are homies, […]

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Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve

Holy damn I’m behind on samples. I need Autumn/Fall/Whatever you want to call “The Earth is dying” season to start and get back to being normal. Well, normal for me. Thanks to /u/slackerdude¬†for this sample. So, Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve is up. We’ve all ready about Japanese whisky disappearing because.. it’s too popular. But they have […]

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