Parker’s Heritage Collection 8 (13 year Wheater)

PH8 1

Thanks to /u/cnbrown313[1] for a sample of this dram.

Feel a little silly posting this one, to tell you the truth. Like I’m slow poke, telling everyone about last years Parker’s Heritage Collection 8 (13 year Wheater). That’s kinda dumb, when I get down to it. I’m being embarrassed about not having the newest and greatest malt.

If only Sku could seem me now. He’d… be on the internet, reading things, like normal. And annoyed.

I mean, this is a rare malt. Interesting, rare malt. I mean, it’s a 13 year dram made with soft winter wheat… well, at least 51% soft winter wheat.

That sounds… interesting to say the least. I don’t know too much about wheaters, or whiskey in general, as I am just a lowly Canuck backwoods lawyer.

Wait, that makes no sense at all. I’m actually a prolific reviewer of whiskies.

So yeah, this is pretty big. It’s aged more than most bourbons, it’s a special limited edition, non-chill filtered, and comes from the first run of what would become Bernheim.

So why do I feel like Slowpoke? Because I’m a year behind? What next? Feeling silly about drinking Benrinnes? Or maybe the next time I have a 30+ year old Bruichladdich I’ll feel silly? Or perhaps when I finally have some Stizel-Weller juice, then I’m too late?

Nah, I’m doing this! Time to enjoy this whiskey, like I should!

Take that, voice in my head!

PH8 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 63.4%

Colour: 2.5YR 2/8

Nose: Oak, cherry, lemon zest, plum, raspberry, menthol, buttercream icing

Soft is the right word. Reminds me of buttercream icing. No real harshness to this, even at the high abv.

The menthol part is a little off. Sticks out like a sore thumb in it all. Not a big thumb though. More like a little one. Kinda like the one you’d want accidentally in your nostril.

Taste: Peach, nutmeg, cherry, almond, lemon, vanilla icing, lime zest, taco seasoning

Very fruity. Big flavours now, all melding together well. Really mixes well together.

I just made a cheese cake. This is close to it, though my cheese cake was vanilla. Not that it helps you.

Finish: Eucalyptus, smoke in a fireplace, tapioca, cereal, nutty, orange, and all ruined by way, way too much oak

So.. yeah. I wish this ended with me just complaining about an odd “menthol” note in the nose.

However… this is like chewing on wood, which I only did because it was a dare. This should be amazing, however.. way too much wood.


Conclusion: I like the nose. Yeah, one off note. Who gives a shit. And the taste? Dammit this is tasty and well balanced. Heck, the finish even has elements that give me some memories.

Then the wood takes over too much, so much that I knock off a bunch of points.

Maybe in a year time I’ll try #9 and find something different.


Bourbon review #81, Kentucky review #58, Whiskey Network review #556

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