Garrison Brother’s Single Barrel

Garrison Brother's Single Barrel 1

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this dram.

Never been to Texas. I had a childhood friend who grew up there. And was tall. And had an accent.

Which was interesting for someone in Quebec, at the time.

I also have a friend who has visited. As fairly left leaning individuals from the socialist bastion of Canada (well, it used to be), his description of the area is of nice people who are really into Jesus, Football, Guns, and Republicans.

I have no problem with any of those things individually, just not as a focus for ones life. Or as a set.

So when asked about Garrison Brother’s Single Barrel. Aged for 2 years, this is the first single barrel whiskey from Texas’ first legal distillery. That’s really something. And given I think Texas has some hot weather, I assume this’ll be pretty nice.

Or not. I don’t really know. I’ve only had 4 other Texas whiskeys before, some have been good, let’s see how this one tastes too.

Garrison Brother's Single Barrel 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Texas

Abv: 47%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/8

Nose: Creamed corn, cereal, acetone, pine

It’s young, which isn’t a surprise, because… well, it’s 2 year old whiskey. Smells creamy while really harsh at the same time.

Taste: Grape, potato, cream, caramel, lettuce

The taste is progressing better than the nose. Still has those young traits of earth, yet there’s a creaminess that’s nice, and the grape element tastes of grappa.

Take that as you would, depending on how much grappa you’ve had.

Finish: Grass, corn, cola, dry, cinnamon, pine, grape

Harsh finish that’s getting there. Has some pine notes to it, with the grape, telling me it’s young. Not super fun to drink, however for a 2 year whiskey, I’m impressed it isn’t garbage.

That’s the way: Set yourself low expectations

Conclusion: It’s not going to blow your mind, but also not going to blow up your tongue. The nose is… not nice. The taste has some elements that will probably turn out well.

The finish? Meh, but not horrible, which is saying something. Kinda harsh. I may revisit this in the future, I may not. I’m not turned off.

It kinda makes me wonder about new distilleries. They release whiskies like this to make money, however in the process someone may try it and think “Well that wasn’t great, not buying it again”. So down the road there could be a really tasty dram from them and people will be turned off.

Or maybe you should just mix it with coke for now.


Bourbon review #82, Texas review #5, Whiskey Network review #557

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