Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – California Sour Ale Barrel


Thanks to /u/Kilrathi for this sample!

I don’t like beer… much.

Okay, don’t stone me.

Before I was married (5 years ago), we needed to pick a beer. And being the proper young man that I was, I wanted to support smaller, independent breweries.

So I ran 3 beer tastings. One for my Best Man and I, one for some friends (which ended in me falling over, near naked, and no longer talking to some co-workers), and finally one at a bar.

After that I found out that I like some Porters and Stouts. SOME PORTERS AND STOUTS.

So what does that have to do with this? Probably because Mosswood Barrel Aged American Whiskey – California Sour Ale Barrel is aged in ex-Drake’s Golden Sour Ale barrels. However I assume you knew that from the name of this post.

Granted you could, in fact, be an idiot.

So Mosswood takes a light whiskey (whatever that means) and ages it in barrels that used to have Drake’s Golden Sour Ale.

I know I’m not the biggest Sour Ale fan, as I’ve had some lambics in the UK when I needed to come down from drinking too much whiskey. So… I’m worried about this.

But I liked the Espresso barrel… so maybe I’ll enjoy this?

Let’s see how it tastes.


Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: California

Abv: 46%

Colour: 5Y 7/6

Nose: Green apple, pepper, red liquorice, floral hops, lemon

Tart. Acidic. What a surprising surprise from something finished in Sour Ale barrels.

Now that I’ve gotten the sarcasm out of the way: I like the nose on this. It’s very sour, so there’s no balance, yet I like the apple notes and the red liquorice.

Taste: Lime, hoppy, sour cherry, caramel, apple, ginger

Okay… Not so much a fan of the sheer amount of sour-ness here. The caramel does help, I’ll give them that. And pairs well with the apple.

Now if I could get past the SHEER amount of sour notes, I’d be okay. Maybe. Kinda.

Finish: Cherry, lime, smoke, orange, dry pear, hops (light & sour)

More sour. Not bad to sip on, and not nearly as bad as the taste. Tastes like there’s this dry element to it rather than a whiskey with a lot of fruit.

Quick finish too.

Conclusion: While I may not love this, I’m happy to have tried it. I (think) I have tried different beer + whiskey pairings before (whether it’s hopped whiskey, whiskey made from beers, or whiskey finished in beer barrels) and this one is okay.

Not great, not as good as the espresso barrel, but okay. I’d be fine having it on a summer day. Just… not a lot of it.


Bourbon review #83, California review #2, Whiskey Network review #558

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