Century Reserve Lot 15-25

Thanks (I think) to /u/muaddib99 for sharing this dram. And thanks (I know) for hosting the most recent Canadian Reddit Whisky-Nerd meetup. So we, the whisky nerds, herded ourselves downtown to meetup. Each of us brought the drams of shit we didn’t want anymore. Well… not really. We brought a bunch of stuff. And we decided […]

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Glen Garioch Vintage 1995

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for swapping me this sample. Hangovers are funny things. For instance, as I type this, I’ve fought tooth and nail against one. Why? Well I wasn’t drinking whisky. I was drinking port. Because whisky angered me, due to Jim Murray’s stupid announcement. So I went to a house warming party and drank port. […]

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Caol Ila 10 Dun Bheagan

I wish I didn’t have my allergies and food issues. After a great lunch, my friends order an espresso. They enjoy that kick up of caffeine, and rocket into that earthy, tasty, bitter treat. Due to my anxiety I have to avoid almost all caffeine, so I pass. Then dessert is offered, and they have […]

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Tullibardine Banyul’s Finish

So after having all of those Tomintouls, I was looking for an out. I don’t even know what kind of out. Maybe, on some level, I was wondering if I was done. Or if I needed a break. And that’s bullshit, so I moved onto the next option: Date Day. Went to the Museum Tavern downtown, […]

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Tomintoul ‘Vertical’

So it’s maybe a vertical? I mean, it goes up, but there’s a NAS in here. Better call /u/Loweel[1] in to discuss if it is or not. For now, it’s in quotes. It’s vertical-ish. Even though I’m also missing the 25 year too. A few years ago, when I started doing reviews of whisky (somewhere […]

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Ardbeg Supernova 2014

Thanks to /u/Marcovici for this dram. Been having some lower scores lately. Not because I’ve been trying to, just the way it is. I usually plan out my reviews months in advance, due to the amount of samples I have. Decided I wanted something cask strength, or at least high strength, and ridiculous. So I went […]

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