Gibson’s Finest Rare 12

Now for Part 2 of my Xmas tradition, stealing booze from my Uncle and doing a review. So, time to review Gibson’s Finest Rare 12, known for a recent commercial series where they point out that they could have pulled it at 3 years, but left it in for 12. Which I appreciate. This one […]

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At the time of this tasting it’s Xmas time. And as is Xmas tradition for me, I raid my Uncle’s cabinet and review something in there. This year two somethings. But let’s start with the first something, and leave the other something to later. Up first is Kilbeggan, an Irish whiskey named after St Bécán, […]

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Macallan Amber

Happy Holidays folks. Or non folks, if you aren’t folks, filks. Or something. I don’t really know. Right now I’m trying to get my Crown before I go to Montreal for New Years. Which I’m excited about. A lot. Anyway, I’ve been interested in the 1824 series for quite a long time. At first I […]

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Glengoyne 21

Friends of mine have different tastes in whisky. One is the person who gave me the plan to use the Munsell Colour chart. She doesn’t like Speyside whiskies, and we recently determined it was due to the sheer amount of oak in them. The other is my oldest friend and the man who was my […]

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Eagle Rare 17 (2014)

Thanks to /u/jolarbear for the same of this one. He won it in a lottery last year, aka the only way to actually get BTAC here in Ontario without robbing someone or paying $30/oz (that’s 3cl to the rest of the world). The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (in case you’re wondering what BTAC stands for) is […]

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