Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat [Mystery Review]

Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat 1.jpg

Yes, that’s right, it’s a Myster Sample. Quite the Myster. This one from /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH.

I’m just teasing, of course. I’m always happy to have a mystery sample. And the fact he sent me one is pretty awesome. Feel like I should have sent one as well. Next swap. Probably in the new year.

So, it’s a mystery sample. All I knew going in was the colour. That’s all. So there’s not really much to talk about. That said, there’s a chance that someone will click on the link for this and want to know more about this one. So I’ve added in the price and Abv. and region.

See? I’m pretty cool. Let’s see how this tastes.

Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat 2.jpg

Price: Not currently available at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 45%

Colour: 2.5Y 4/4

Nose: Grapefruit, nutmeg, wood, coconut, fresh bread, nougat, peanut

Big flavours here. Tart, with some woody notes. If it was just the sweet and yeasty parts I’d say this is Irish, however given the fruit and the spice, not to mention the wood, it’s from a Virgin oak cask.

Not a low Abv either. The notes from this one pop out really quickly.

Taste: Chocolate, raisins, ginger, lemoncello, oak, mint, banana

Sweet, with more sweet, and some cream and richness. Reminds me of a really good liqueur or a nice cocktail.

The mint and oak dominate a little more than I’m happy about.

Finish: Jelly beans, lemon, dry, coconut milk, sand, oregano, butter

Really dry and sweet finish. Really dry. Like I’m going down on the Sahara dessert for the 8th time this week and she’s on a no water cleanse.

Mother of God it’s dry. Tasty, yet drier than I normally like

Conclusion: I’m somewhat split on this one. I know I’m giving it between an 82 and a 83. Eventually the dryness and the additional mint make me go to 82. If I loved the finish, it’d be a lot higher.

Love the nose. Really love it. I have no idea what this is. Really lost. I could have a bottle of this on the go and would be quite happy with it.


Guess: A 10 year Wheater from Kentucky, about 46%. Other than that, I’m lost.

Actually: Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat (which is a 7 year old one).

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