Macallan Select Oak

Macallan Select Oak 1

Thanks to /u/Phreaky-Zee for this sample.

What’s the deal with Travel Exclusives? Well… they’re made to be flashy, and it’s pretty much a dumping ground for failed experiments.

Make sense? Okay, we’re done here.

Oh wait, I have a review to do.

Macallan Select Oak is the Travel Exclusive from those crazy people at Macallan, who try… a bunch of things and then water it all down. But I still love one of their drams, and the juice is good, and… well, I think of them as Nickleback of Whisky.

Sure, their music is shit. But a ton of people buy it, and they use that money to bring out other bands, like Lamb of God, who otherwise would have been ignored. So I appreciate them for helping Metal bands. Probably. Who knows with me.

So this is part of the 1824 Collection, named after a year that happened (Citation Needed). All of this collection is Travel Retail.

This one was aged in a combination of casks: ex-Bourbon, ex-Oloroso American Oak, and ex-Oloroso European casks that are first fill.

Damn Macallan, that’s big money! (I’m now whiter than I’ve ever been).

So, let’s see how the “lighter side” of this range tastes, shall we?

Macallan Select Oak 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO (Travel Exclusive)

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: 2.5Y 5/6

Nose: Sour apples, bay leaf, ginger, carrot

Yup, there’s a sherry influence. Earthy and sweet.

Not much of a nose here. It’s Michael Jackson (the singer) all up in here. And it would make Michael Jackson (the ex-whisky guy) sneer. Or not. Honestly I didn’t know the guy, he may have loved it.

It’s quite light. Lighter than it should be.

Taste: Lemon, apple, floral, lemongrass, earth

Sweet again, with the earth. Kinda wish they had used PX casks, however I think they were going with a lighter touch. Darn they. It’s weak. Not ‘subtle’, not ‘smooth’, it’s weak.

Low Abv is a sad barnacle on whisky’s collective Johnson.

Finish: Carrot, ginger, pear, pepper

Ends with earth and sweet. What a surprise? I’m certainly surprised.

Conclusion: It’s a weak whisky that needs a higher Abv to make it work. It could be great. It could be good even. But it isn’t. It’s just boring.

Not unpalatable though. Just boring. Tastes of earth and sweet notes. Pour it for non-whisky drinkers, they’ll love it. Or mix it into a Manhattan, that’ll be different.


Scotch review #388, Speyside review #115, Whisky Network review #594

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