Caribou Crossing Single Barrel


Part two of my first, official Birthday whisky drinking time, and this time it’s an after dinner drink. I considered two other whiskies, of which they were Scotch, on lists, yet… not as enticing as this one.

Why? Because this is a Canadian whisky that’s a giant pain in the ass to find in Canada.

Think about that: We have different types of Canuck whisky, all of which we can typically find, and this one, made by Sazerac, and I can’t find it worth a damn.

That makes me want to try Caribou Crossing Single Barrel. Have I been duped? Well… yes. Yes I have. Because it got me to buy the product. And forget to take a picture of it.

Still want to try it though. It’s the first single barrel Canadian whisky made by a major company, so that’s something. And they pick their ‘best whisky’ from a large inventory.

I don’t know which batch this is (sorry). I honestly don’t really care. Let’s just see how it tastes, shall we?

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Abv: 40%

Region: Canada

Colour: 10YR 5/8

Nose: Maple, oak, honey, currant, pear, corn

So it smells like a Canadian whisky. Not a surprise. Give it time, though, and it opens up. There’s some rich red fruits and even some corn influence, which is pretty cool.

Smells like some odd border baby along the US north border. And not in that shitty way. Still a little too much maple though. And the nose itself is too light to go with the strong flavours. It’s disjoint.

Taste: Honey, smoke, raisin, BBQ sauce, lime

Rich tastes in this one. Nothing like what I was expecting from the nose at all. More like a bourbon, again.

Almost like it’s made by Americans and not Canadians, eh?

Weaker than I’d like it, almost like it was 40%.

Finish: Dry, oak, molasses, icing, smoke, light citrus

Quick, very sweet finish. The smoke is light. Dry, so it’s nice, but nothing else really going on.

Conclusion: So… look. I get it. It’s a Canadian whisky. The bar is sadly low.

However the excitement of a Single Barrel Canadian whisky from Buffalo Trace is exciting. It should be really interesting, and bold, and challenge our ideas.

Instead it shows some prospective ideas but falls into the same issue as Canadian whiskies: It’s too fucking weak. Which is really too bad, because I can tell this was, before the watering down, really nice. Even a 90 proof offering may have really been something.

At the moment? I wouldn’t recognize going through the hassle of finding this to try it. It’s just okay.


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1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #262

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