Bladnoch Signatory Vintage 1987 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13]

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So you may be new, or you may not follow the insane ramblings of some fool on the internet, or perhaps you’ve forgotten all that you know about my posting habits.

And for that I hope whatever God you believe in takes mercy on your wretched soul (joking).

It’s that time of year again. The time when I sit down at my favourite pub, The Feather’s Pub , with friends and/or family, and enjoy some whisky reviews. And a bunch of food.

It’s an overall good time for all. Especially me.

So to start this second Birthday related review series of 2015, I started with a Lowland, because why the heck not. They are typically more subtle and require a clean set of tastebuds to taste. You know, like virgin’s, figs, and the Ark of the Covenant.

So after asking people what I should review, I decided on Bladnoch Signatory Vintage 1987, as recommended by a few people I think.Or some. Or none. I can’t really remember and clicking the button is all the way over there, so let’s just say they did.

This seems to be a special vintage that Signatory brought out for the year 2000. Hopefully, like many things that were marketed in this way, it wasn’t just a cheap way to cash in on the first number of the Roman Calendar changing from 1 to 2.


Bladnoch is one of the oldest distilelries in Lowland Scotland. Which is interesting and impressive because holy shit there aren’t much left in the Lowlands. It’s named after the river, which is named Casey. Oh wait, no, it’s named Bladnoch.

Price: N/A

Region: Lowland

Distilled: 4th November 1987

Bottled: 4th May 2000

Cask Nos: 40023+24

Bottle # 982/1020

Abv: 43%

Colour: 5Y 9/3

Nose: Caramel, lemon, cream, turnip

So couple things to note. And some surprises

First, it’s simple. However it’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting a light, soft, simple Lowland. Not a strong 4 note whisky.

They don’t go together, however this isn’t a slouch either.

Taste: Butter, caramel, lilac, straw, custard, pear, agave

Surprise number 2: While reviewing, my wife goosed me.

Surprise number 3: This has a lot going on. Rather sweet, buttery/caramel notes, and the standard terroir note of floral. I’m assuming the Lowlands are covered in flowers, I just forgot to look out the window last time I was there, because I was writing reviews.

Finish: Pepper, butter, ginger syrup, dry, apple

Less fun that the finish. So that’s surprise number 4 then. And I really like Welsh Rarebit, but that’s not a surprise, and I haven’t eaten that yet, so no worries.

It keeps up the sweet and butter, yet the telltale “young spirit pepper” stuff shows up.

Conclusion: I liked this one probably more than I should have, so take that into account. The score may be higher than it should be.

That said, the brash nose, the big flavour taste, and the okay finish make for a nice sipper to start the night off with. It’s sweet, sure, and it’s floral, so if you don’t like that in Lowland whisky, avoid this.

And really all Lowlands. Leave some for the rest of us. Wait…. don’t, they are going extinct.

Anyway, I really like this. Had some nice flavour combos, and wasn’t just a “slap 2000 on it and get’er done” thing that I was worried about.


Scotch review #390, Lowland review #26, Whisky Network review #598

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