Glen Albyn 26 1975 Rare Malts [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13]

GA 26 1

Me me me Birthday party me me me fun times me me me not so humble brags me me me reviews me me me rare reviews me The Feather’s Pub .

Don’t understand the above? That’s okay. Basically these are birthday drams and I talk about myself a lot and then order rare whiskies and review them. They are bought at the pub I linked above. Go there, the food is good, the beer is well selected, and the whisky is plentiful. Try the Welsh Rarebit.

So, you know, when rich people show up on Reddit, they’ll know which whiskies to buy to put on the mantle and drown out their sorrows when the bi-polar feelings kick in and the adoration high wears off.

But you’re not here for that: You’re here to read about a whisky selected by my wife as a random assessment of my abilities to guess it. And guess what? I failed huge, to no ones surprise.

Because what the fuck is Glen Albyn 26 1975 Rare Malts anyway? It’s a Glen I’ve never heard of, and that’s completely understood because I’m still learning. I’m still gaining information, and absorbing things.

Though those may just be harmful gasses emitted in downtown Toronto.

So Glen Albyn is no more. It used to be a distillery located west of Inverness. It even was a flour mill for awhile there. Then changed back, and did very well for a long time with Glen Mhor… until the 1980s to put up a Parking Lot for a shopping complex.

That’s kinda sad, really.

So I’m tasting history. Or at least something I know that failed. Maybe it was because no one could decide if this was Speyside or a Northern Highland. I’m counting it as a Speyside, because why the fuck not. Michael Jackson thought the same way, and he wrote Thriller, so who am I to disagree.

Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

GA 26 2

Price: N/A

Region: Speyside

Bottle No. 6088

Abv: 54.8%

Colour: 5YR 7/10

Nose: Orange, butter, cereal, spritey, nectarine, mace

Smells like I’m making orange spice cookies. Mace, because someone will ask about it, is a weaker version of nutmeg, using the shell of the nut.

But if you want, you can imagine that I was maced at some point, and whisky brings it back like some odd boner I can’t shake. If that makes you feel better.

Very subdued nose on this one, even as Cask Strength. Quite subtle, which is nice.

Taste: Nectarine, molasses, cherry, ginger, syrup

More fruit, yet there’s a thick, thick mouthfeel here too. Reminds me of a really old rum, or a properly made Gin, or maybe the odd child of both of them with more citrus.

Good flavour, overall.

Finish: Peach, salt, syrup, ash, basil

Well that’s a disappointment.

The ash in the finish isn’t really helping it at all. It has these simple flavours and then burns down into ash, helping no one and no really tasting all that good.

Conclusion: I want to like this more, because it’s historic, but let’s look at what it is: At Cask Strength and decades of age, it’s a well put together though not overly complex dram with a subtle nose that works and a burnt finish.

The nose made me think I would be getting a different take on a whisky, and yet… it under-delivered with the finish and was just good on the taste. It’s still nice to sip on, and I could even see it as a daily drinker if you were rich enough to not care about money. Otherwise not worth the bottle.


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