Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13 / Re-Review]

jd 71

This is the last of my The Feather’s Pub birthday dram reviews. Typically these are all on /r/scotch, since it’s a Scotch bar, and I’m more of a Scotch fan.

However something happened while there that I need to share, so let me set the stage:

I go out for my birthday. I attempt about 4-5 reviews during that time, with lots of breaks, water, etc. to ensure my reviews are okay. During this time I had 4 other whiskies that I really liked.

One of my friends offered to buy me a drink. I had eaten some amazingly tasty Welsh Rarebit, which is basically cheese and bread. But strong ass cheese. But not ass cheese, just strong.

And I also had two cask strength Scotches.

So to jump ahead, he handed this to me, and stated it was an Island Scotch. I couldn’t identify it, and there were laughs at my expense. I felt a little foolish, however thought I’d still write it up, to show the effects of overdoing it and how tastes change.

Also it’s been almost a year since I had Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, so that could be a part of it too.

So please feel free to read this review more as an interesting experiment on how beating up your tongue with whisky can affect your reviews.

jd 72

Price: $32.95

Region: Tennessee

Abv: 40%

Colour: 10YR 7/12

Nose: Medicinal, cranberry, lime, pine, peanut

Old Nose: Roasted corn, burnt caramel, faint cloves, Easter egg chocolate, guava

So let’s down to brass tacks. I didn’t have any corn. The peanut could be construed by it, though I’m reaching there.

The burnt caramel and medicinal seem to line up, especially with the pine and the wax from the Easter Egg chocolates.

Guava and cranberry I can see me writing differently.

Completely missing any spice on the nose. Granted it was faint and the last time I had just opened the bottle, but I’m making excuses again.

Taste: Fruit cup, walnut, floral

Old Taste: Corn, burnt carrot, brown sugar, orange, vegetal

So no corn, no molasses or brown sugar notes, and I’m missing the sweet earth of a burnt carrot. Pretty big misses.

That said, the floral and fruit cup line up, and the vegetal element can be a mixture of the walnut and floral parts.

That said, not my best work. Not really that close.

Finish: Cranberry, cherry, earth, peanuts

Old Finish: Burnt turnip, peach skin, cotton, smoke

Okay, so this is looking better than my assessment of the Taste.

More red fruit this time, versus last time which was stone fruit.

The earth elements are each there, and the roasted part of the peanuts and the smoke are similar.

Less burnt though.

Conclusion: Tastes worse than last time. Part of it is my last review was a brand new bottle, and this one is a bar bottle that was opened at a point I don’t know.

In conclusion, I am going to be cognizant of my whiskey drinking and reviews. Multiple Cask Strength ones, multiple whiskies, and strong foods. Welsh Rarebit is tasty and all, but does not line up with reviews.

On a personal note, I hope no one judges me too harshly on this one. Live and learn, and I hope this helps others


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