Scapa Signatory Vintage 1989 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #13]

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Still at The Feather’s Pub. Had some Welsh Rarebit. That was amazing, though the effect on my tastebuds is somewhat rough. I’ve chugged two glasses of water and taken an hour off. I should be okay.

What I’m saying is: I should probably review this again in the future, however I did take steps to ensure that I didn’t cock it up completely, /u/reddbdb.

Anyway, Scapa. On the Island of Orkney. Which sounds like it was named after a fetishist of J.R. Tolkein’s works who is a leg man.

Because let’s be honest, if you’re into freaky shit and vocal about it, you’re most likely a man.

Scapa has 2 bottles that I know of. One I enjoyed quite a bit, as it tasted like Honey, and as I’ve said before, I love Pussy. And Honey. And making up for shortcomings in my sexuality with jokes that I believe are unexpected but probably getting annoying and not helpful and honestly childish while following a pattern.

The other is a higher Abv. that’s only sold at the distillery, that I’d love to try. Because it’ll hide my insecurities.

This review isn’t about either of them. It’s about another Signatory 2000 product. Which turned out well so far for my 33rd birthday, so why not do it again. Let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Price: N/A

Region: Island

Distilled: 18 May 1989

Bottled: 21 March 2000

Cask # 1904

Cask type: Bourbon barrel

Bottle #: 402/438

Abv: 43%

Colour: 5Y 9/4

Nose: Lemon pie, white chocolate, flowers, fruit cup

You know, when we were young and free, we drank more. Also I think there’s a difference between us, reader and I.

Sorry, been listening to lots of metal covers, must have gotten into my writing somehow. What this is is complex, especially for young dram. No pine or harshness, it’s all flowers, fruit, and a ton of lemon pie that adult me would be conflicted about eating more of or just having a lot more of.

Taste: Custard/eggy, sour cream, almond

Man I miss eating eggs. I used to be able to eat them, back when I was 2-3. Now? Not so much. Can’t digest them. Tried out Duck Eggs for awhile, but they didn’t work out in the end.

Oh, wait, I’m reviewing something. Sorry.

This has three flavours, which is simple and conflicting with

Finish: Basil, lemon, flowers, peach, pepper

Somewhere in between, or as I usually say it, where I’d like to be between mania and depression.

Well that was dark. Not in any way lining up to the tone. WTF TOModera?

Nice finish. Very much reminds me of the 16.

Conclusion: Nice upgrade from the 16. It’s nice to try out more from Scapa, even if it’s younger and not cask strength.

Personally I think they can do some cool stuff, and this is one of them. Is it insanely amazing? No, but it’s pretty cool and tasty, so I’d have it again.


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