Eagle Rare 17 (2014)

Eagle Rare 17 (2014) 2

Thanks to /u/jolarbear for the same of this one. He won it in a lottery last year, aka the only way to actually get BTAC here in Ontario without robbing someone or paying $30/oz (that’s 3cl to the rest of the world).

The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (in case you’re wondering what BTAC stands for) is a much sought after group. And if I had to point out a single dram that isn’t the greatest member, I’d say it’s Eagle Rare 17.

Every group, fictional or not, have something like this. The Justice League has the Green Arrow. Think about it: Batman can do about everything he can and also Robin never did smack.

Or the Avengers with Tigra. Sure, she’s an interesting hero, but seriously… her power is “looks like a tiger, is agile, and has claws”. Oh and looks great in a bikini. Otherwise she’s somewhat forgettable.

Eagle Rare 17 is 7 years older than Eagle Rare 10. Now that I’ve proven I can do simple math, let’s continue.

It’s also the low rye Mash Bill, like George T. Stagg, yet older and not barrel strength. It’s the same alcohol content as Sazerac, yet younger and not a rye. So it’s one of the two that isn’t Barrel Strength yet it’s the same price and somewhat older. Also I think it’s aged in another part of the warehouse, however I think my Google-fu is done for the year, so let’s take my word for it, shall we?

What I’m saying is: I’m going into it knowing it isn’t amazing, yet I’m still excited to try it. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Eagle Rare 17 (2014) 1

Price: $130 (CAD), if you win the BTAC Lottery once a year

Region: Kentucky

Vintage: 2014

Abv: 45%

Colour: 2.5YR 4/8

Nose: Strawberry, oak, peach, cherry, chipotle, pine

Very fruity. Not the brash, dark fruits I faintly remember from Stagg Sr., more so light on this one. The pine is annoying though. I am finding that my mind tells me pine is only nice with earth, and in here there is no earth.

Or maybe I think of pine as one of those ‘young’ flavours that should have been beaten out of it in 17 years.

Taste: Cherry, mint, ginger, cherry cough syrup, oak, caramel, peanut

Yes, both cherry and cherry cough syrup. If you think that’s redundant, then you drink vile shit and enjoy it too much.

So there’s cherry, then it gets really tart and medicinal. The oak isn’t too high, and pairs with it.

I like the taste. Not super strong, nice to sip on it. Needs to stronger.

Finish: Candy corn, strawberry, rosemary, rose water, pine, dry, grapefruit

Yes, rosemary and rose water. Those are both different flavours with the same first 4 letters in the same order.

It’s dry, very dry. Ends almost in a huff. And that fucking pine is back and there’s not enough earth to balance it out.

Conclusion: I can see why this is the low rung on the totem pole of the BTAC native reserve.

That was a little strained.

Anyway, it’s a nice dram. Has developed good flavours. But it’s watered down, missing some gumption. The pine isn’t helping, but that’s a personal beef. More so it’s weaker than it should be. I want more to it.

Or at least I want the price to not be pants on head retarded. Oh well, I’m glad I tried it, will have to try the others as they become available.


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