Glen Grant 29 1982 Blackadder

Thanks to /u/tvraisedme for this dram, it’s a couple of firsts for me, all in one! No, not the first time I traded with him, or first Scotch, or first 29 year old whisky. Or the oldest whisky, or a whisky with no chill filtering, or a whisky that was once in a person’s ass (not […]

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Caribou Crossing Single Barrel

Part two of my first, official Birthday whisky drinking time, and this time it’s an after dinner drink. I considered two other whiskies, of which they were Scotch, on lists, yet… not as enticing as this one. Why? Because this is a Canadian whisky that’s a giant pain in the ass to find in Canada. […]

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Springbank CV

So oddly enough, and by oddly, I mean not odd at all, my coworkers wanted to go out for my birthday. And like the amazing people that they are, and against my wishes, they paid for my meal. So thank you Mark, Nadja, and Barb, you’re all amazing. Went to Quinn’s Steakhouse & Irish Bar , […]

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Ancient Age

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this sample. Recently there’s been some talk about Buffalo Trace. If they are arseholes for their marketing or not. I don’t really know the people behind it. What I do know, though, is marketing. This may come as a surprise (or not, I overshare), but I’m in marketing. Yes, I’m one of […]

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Macallan Select Oak

Thanks to /u/Phreaky-Zee for this sample. What’s the deal with Travel Exclusives? Well… they’re made to be flashy, and it’s pretty much a dumping ground for failed experiments. Make sense? Okay, we’re done here. Oh wait, I have a review to do. Macallan Select Oak is the Travel Exclusive from those crazy people at Macallan, who […]

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