Auchentoshan 11 Hepburn’s Choice 2001 [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #1]

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So this will be a bit different. Kinda.

Every so often I enter into a pub that I enjoy so much that I make a flight out of it. There was the Dam Pub, there’s the Village Idiot Pub, and probably others I”m forgetting about. Oh, yeah, there’s the Feather’s ones I do all the time. Those as well, because I love it there.

Well time to add Pub L’Isle Noire to that list, because they do it right. And what is it? Fucking Whisky and Gin, that’s what ‘it’ is!

Also the Charcuterie plate is pretty good and comes with, what I would describe in technical terms as “a fuck ton”, of cheese.

Anyway, while sitting down, enjoying Montreal in the New Year of 2016, I wanted to see “what may have been”, and by that, I mean what I may or may not have missed out on if I had purchased Auchentoshan 11 Hepburn’s Choice 2001

Because why not worry about “what may have been?” Well because it causes depression and sadness you cantankerous twat. Not one on a whisky though, because that’s stealing from my book about whisky being sentient and having genitals.

Anyway, this is a single cask release release, which is pretty cool. The collection itself is meant to highlight the characteristic of Scotland’s whisky production regions.

I don’t 100% know about that (Single Cask to Highlight Characteristics usually under heavy scrutiny and typically kept in control?), but I do know one thing: I’m interested in how it tastes.

So let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

auchen11 2.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO, however it is at the SAQ, so if you live in QC, you’re A-OK

Region: Lowland

Distillation Date: 2001

Bottling Date: 2013

Total Bottles: 396

Abv: 46%

Colour: 2.5Y 9/3

Nose: Coriander, lavender, plum, Nerds candy, Meyer lemon, BBQ sauce

There are elements here that remind me of the good times, and the bad times. Wait, no, that’s Tubthumping, and we’ll be drinking, when we’re winning folks.

Anyway, this reminds me a little of Auchentoshan, yet more so their cask strength offerings. More sweet and less floral, or rather the sweet elements take more of a front stage, and the floral elements are more subtle.

Taste: Anise, peanut, almond butter, marzipan, honey, lemon

Again, different. It’s more of a nut note than anything else. That may be because I made marzipan last month and pigged out because I don’t have any self control in December.

Finish: Pepper, butter, pear, smoked nuts, tobacco, sugar cookie

Forget the taste, the finish is where it’s at. There’s this smoky element that I’m liking. Not so much the tobacco, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like tobacco, so add a few points if you do.

Quite complex and long finish. I’m impressed.

Conclusion: This is a well made malt. I’d argue that it’s indicative of the Auchentoshan line, or even Lowlands, however I’d still vbuy it if I could and if I didn’t, you know, spend too much on whisky already. And a random trip to Montreal.

This is a tasty dram. Sweet on the nose, nutty in the taste, and has some nice complexity on the finish. I wanted a little more from the taste than just nuts in my mouth (too easy), however even if you’re not a Auchentoshan fan normally, I’d try this dram.


Scotch review #402, Lowland review #27, Whisky Network review #616

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