Big Peat Xmas Edition 2014 [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #1]

big peat xmas 1.jpg

So I walk into Pub L’Isle Noire and I noticed, immediately, that they have a boilermaker special.

That’s pretty hardcore. Not unlike whiskies in porns where you see the fucking.

Anyway, I see that they are seeing some type of beer and Big Peat Xmas Edition, which I found out was brand new and I could order without the beer.

I’m usually happy when I don’t have to order beer with something. Like takeout food or abortions or dancing lessons. It’s usually an odd add-on.

Anyway, so I’m finishing up my reviews so I can do a Peated one (take a note here /u/muaddib99). Because it’s last. And my wife has tried three gins and we’re both a little wobbly.

Anyway, Big Peat Xmas Edition 2014 is made by Douglas Laing. I don’t know which one. I’m assuming one of the brothers has it. Or some type of squid monster.

It’s a blend of Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore, and even Port Ellen. The normal one is watered down. This one? For Xmas they’ve made it Cask Strength. And then sent it to Quebec, where I found it in an awesome pub.

So, let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

big peat xmas 2.jpg

Price: N/A in Ontario, because Fuck us, right?

Region: Blend (of Islays)

Abv: 55.7%

Colour: 2.5Y 9/2

Nose: Peat, anise, thyme, lemon, cocoa, cinnamon hearts

Yup, it’s peated.

After giving this some time to air our, it really opens up with a cinnamon/chocolate combo that I’m a sucker for. And not in that “suck off the whisky bottle” way that you’re all hoping, more so “I want to make chocolate cinnamon banana bread” way.

It’s going to be hard sticking to my diet…

Taste: Almond, Tobasco, anise, thyme, wood, vanilla, pineapple cake, angel food cake, chocolate

Big flavours. The Tobasco sauce is right on point. So much so I was worried I may be drinking it and a mixture of my love of hot sauce and alcohol means I can just drink the stuff straight.

So that’s a new thing to be worried about.

Luckily that wasn’t the case. Instead we ended up with amazing, amazing flavours, and tons of them too. This is what blends should be, IMHO.

Finish: Cinnamon, doughnut, floral, sea salt, yeast, candid nuts

More cinnamon! Eat all the cinnamon!

Honestly love the finish on this. It’s dry without going down that “mouth full of sand” route, and super tasty.

Conclusion: So I typically don’t give scores over 85 unless it sets off memories. And this one didn’t. However you can’t turn down something this well made. Really, it’s bonkers that this sells for so little.

I’m a peat head, by the way, so take that into account, as YMMV, and other initial-isms.

What I’m saying is this: If you like Peated Scotches and Cask Strengths in your Drams, then this is the dram you’ve looked for, try it and escape.


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