Bruichladdich Black Art Fèis Ìle 2015 Edition High Noon

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Thanks to /u/dustlesswalnut for this sample.

Fèis Ìle. Someday I’ll make it. And then I’ll have no money and live on Islay, becoming the overly nice monster with the nice whisky selection who only speaks in dick jokes.

A legend, in other words.

For those of you who don’t know, Fèis Ìle a celebration on Islay of whisky and music. And I want to go there. When did it start? No idea. I can’t really afford to go to it, since I live in a perpetual state of debt due to geography.

This year Bruichladdich put together Bruichladdich Black Art Fèis Ìle 2015 Edition High Noon as part of their specialty Fèis Ìle line ups that usually us mere mortals only hear about and maybe try some from Laphroaig.

You’ll notice the number 134 shows up on the bottle. Turns out that 134 is the combined age of whiskies married to produce this whisky.

My bet is there’s 134 1 year old whiskies in this. Awesome.

Joking aside, this is made closely to how Bruichladdich makes Black Arts. And that’s pretty cool.

So, let’s see how this unicorn tastes, shall we? I hope it’s like magical unicorn mayonnaise.

high noon 2.jpg

Price: The LCBO hates Islay (N/A)

Region: Islay

Abv: 48.7%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/8

Nose: Butter, strawberry, orange, sea salt, rosemary, caramel, mushroom, wax, floral

So if you’re wondering: Yes, this is a Black Art, and yes it’s mental and all over the place. One of the 134 years total was a sherry cask, and I’d even say it’s in the majority.

That said, the first thing to hit my nose was some guy who kept saying I stole his dram. The second? Butter. Tons of butter. Fat inducing, rub it into my pores butter.

Taste: Orange, sea salt, pepper, smoke, butter, light honey, anise, cherry, peanut

I’m really enjoying the mental amount of flavours here. The saltiness adds to each one, pairing really well.

That said, the complexity of the flavours seems a tad off. It’s not as rich as other Black Arts I’ve had. I don’t hate it: Quite the contrary, in fact, I like it, however I can’t help but notice that.

Finish: Mushroom, cherry, smoke, dry, leather, zucchini, salt

Very dry finish. Not “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name” or “Holy Shit I did a lot of Heroin and had some white wine” dry, but pretty dry.

The earthy elements and the added smoke end it all quite nicely. I usually don’t like dry finishes, however this one makes sense.

Conclusion: Did this blow me away? Not entirely, however I still enjoyed it. I think this is a well put together, mental dram. It has tons of flavours, not very complex ones. I think other Black Arts are better than this one, but that’s just me. I want complexity mixed together, and some Black Arts don’t lend themselves to that.

Really, for the price and the signed bottle, this is probably worth it…. if you were on Islay last May. So… sorry if you weren’t. It’s pretty tasty.


Scotch review #424, Islay review #88, Whisky Network review #658

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