Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky

revel stoke 2.jpeg

Yes that’s right ladies and whisky neckbeards, it’s a whisky from Phillips Beverage Company!

Yup, the same people who brought you UV Vodka, Feckin Irish Whiskey, Sour Puss hangovers, and Tomatin scotch brings you a Canadian whisky!

And it comes in 6, count them 6! different flavours. Today I’m reviewing the standard bearer, Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky. I’d love to try others, however that’s the only one available in this province!

Due to insanely rediculous laws! That date back to prohibition!

Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky is the first spiced whisky. And that’s something to say. No real description that I can find, which means we don’t need one. Just put it in your face and punch out your mom!

It’s a grand ole time!

Dear god let’s see how this tastes before I become a used car salesman.

Revel Stoke 1.jpg

Price: $27.45 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Canada

Abv: 45%

Colour: 10YR 7/6

Nose: Maple donut (main thing I can smell), anise, lemon, bug spray, almond, Twizzlers

Smells mostly like other low end Canadian whisky I have had. There’s some sweeter, earthy/lemon aspects in the back ground, however it’s all Timmies with the maple, eh!

That said, I’ll give them props on the Abv. It’s high enough I can actually pick up the flavours here.

Taste: Maple, fruit punch, oily, caramel, fried honey

Sweet. Sweet and dry. Nice mouth feel. I’m honestly kinda surprised as aspects of the flavour. Not “wow this is great” but more so “wow I don’t want to die drinking a low end whisky”.

Where’s the spice though?

Finish: Anise, maple, sweet heart tarts, burn, waffle

Ah, there’s the spice. Vanilla and anise at the end. Also waffle. Which is a calming word to say.

Especially when drinking a whisky like this.

Conclusion: It’s nothing special, however there is worse on the market. I’m actually surprised I don’t hate this a lot. That said, that doesn’t mean I like it.

It’s a standard 3 year Canadian whisky that has had some spices dumped into it to mellow out the rough sides. It’s like the first thing you or your kid made in shop. It’s functional, and it may cost someone a finger, however while nice it’s a pile of shit and should be replaced.

Because I hate your child.

So it’s nice. Better than CC. Probably tastes good in Coke.


World Whisky review #144, Canada review #51, Whisky Network review #684

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