Compass Box The Lost Blend

Thanks to /u/TequilaJunction for this sample. And we finish my small foray into Compass Box with a look at things that shouldn’t work, but do. You know, like a door that hangs off the hinges but makes everyone believe the house doesn’t have anything worth stealing. Or the idea of the Star Wars plan. Not […]

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Compass Box Hedonism

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for the sample. In my house I’m the cook and baker. And the guy who does the dishes too, but that’s an argument for me and my wife, and not anyone else. But back to the main point: The reason I cook and bake more often is because for me, a mixture of […]

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Compass Box Asyla

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample. Whisky and Music seem intertwined on a regular basis. Perhaps because of the sheer amount the late Lemmy drank, or before him the sheer amount the rat pack drank. Or Metallica’s drinking habits. Or the amount of people who got drunk in life while listening to Music. The other […]

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Powers Gold Label

So I’m still at Musikki Café, still with an amazing wife, post-chess defeat. We’ve actually come back for another drink while we wait. Have I mentioned I married someone really cool? No? Well I did. So while on this mini-vacation I decided to do some reviews. And since I’ve had a lot of the Scotches, […]

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Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 4

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample. Let’s get to the point, for once. Ever. Kinda. I’m kinda a dick to Bowmore. I know, I know, sometimes they don’t exactly make it easy to be nice. Like the 12 year whisky. However it does affect how I react to things. If I have a blend, for instance, […]

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