Mystery /r/Scotch Howdy 1 [Howdying Review Series]

The Real Mackenzie 1970 2.jpg

A simple man. A simple plan. But things aren’t simple in…

The Howdying Zone.

Subjects: /u/TOModera , /u/Devoz [+32], and /u/zekesgallery [+2]. All mild mannered. All probably could stand to lose some weight.

Each of them but pawns in a larger game. The Howdying Zone game.

A mild mannered day for /u/TOModera . He feels the need to write whisky reviews, because he’s addicted to writing. His typical whisky review habits would be to get through more samples to cut down his backlog.

All of that is turned upside down by mystery samples handed to him by /u/Devoz [+32]. Blank marks, each tempting him, diverting him from the path he’s on.

The poor fool thinks he can review whisky.

But can he review whisky, when the label isn’t there?

Can he write when he needs to keep things in the dark?

Will he fall back on old habits of mentioning his dick and maybe hinting at homosexual habits?

We shall see… in the Howdying Zone.

Price: Dusty

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Colour: 2.5Y 7/8

Nose: Wheat, thyme, pineapple, melon, lemongrass, vanilla, puff pastry

Light. A mellowed whisky, searching for the sample notes leaves our main character lost. He stumbles through, eventually finding more flavours.

But is it what he thinks it is? Is it on /u/devoz [+32]‘s list? Has he stumbled too far

Taste: Cream of wheat, papaya, fruit punch, caramel

Creamy. No signs of sherry influence. Has some character to it, though that character quickly leaves.

Definitely a blend, due to the big nose and lackluster taste. Some fruit punch.

Finish: Earth, cherry, sand, blackberry, brown sugar, basil

More to the finish than normal. Have I had this before? Tastes familiar. Or perhaps the lack of label has driven me mad.

Mad like a fox! There’s something on the finish, something taking it apart. It doesn’t suck as much as other blends.

Perhaps I’ve changed.

Conclusion: Nice nose, though quite light. Takes some time to open up. The taste is meh, and the finish, while less meh, is still kinda meh.

It needs a little more to it. Reminds me of an older blend. But I’m in the Howdying Zone now. And not all is what it seems.


Guess: Blend, ex-bourbon cask, maybe Chivas 18?

Actually: Real Mackenzie Blended (1970)

The Real Mackenzie 1970 1.jpg

Scotch review #442, Blend review #55, Whisky Network review #710

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