Mystery /r/Bourbon Howdy 1 [Howdying Review Series]

Mystery B Howdy 2 - 1.jpg

Here I sit upon the ground

A man lost in all the sound

Staring blankly at the bottle

Pondering softly at what’s found.

Foolish wanderer of blind drams

Fumbling words with shaking hams

Where fingers darting leaving mottle

Is replaced by scared lambs.

As he stares into the brown

Reaching, stretching, for a noun

Stopping only to withdraw till

in enters a large clown.

Wide red lips upon a face

Uglifying the remaining space

His only word a drinking throttle

“Howdy” then I increase pace.

And then the room is again dark

No light, not even a dim spark

Cannot move, surrounded by wattle

A mystery dram, yet another shark.

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: San Francisco

Abv: 45%

Colour: 7.5YR 5/8

Nose: Lemon, brine, oak, honey, wheat, butter, icing, mint

Acid rises up the sides

With sweetness, it collides

Too much sweetness in the tides

Taste: Butter, oak, ginger, corn, icing, lemon, thyme

Less sweet, more buttered oak

Some rough, though herbal notes

A spice leaves me wanting more

Finish: Peach, oak, wheat, granite, ginger

Stone fruits pair

Well with more cobbler notes.

I could have written better Haikus.

Conclusion: Alright, enough poetry. This is a nice dram that needs a little more time to get over the top. On the up side there’s hardly any rough spots, baring some times where there’s this granite taste in the finish.

It’s not super complex. But it’s good. I can only guess that this is sourced and aged by someone else who is doing something different than the people in Kentucky. Good blend of old and new techniques shine through.

That’s all from me…

But still the clown says Howdy, and I am locked in this path some more.


Guess: Younger, I’m saying more of a wheat. Is it Cyrus?

Actually: Cyrus Noble Small Batch Bourbon

Cyrus Noble 1.jpg

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