Highland Park 1999 Cask Strength Gordon & MacPhail

Highland Park 15 G&M 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/stinkysauce for this sample. And the image which I stole from him. For pooping on.

Actually for using as a visual medium. And for pooping.

Recently there’s been some shitting on Gordon & MacPhail. And honestly, I can say that they sometimes deserve it.

Not always, just… sometimes. Like when the IB is down to 43%. Or the dram tastes like poop. And unfortunately they’ve let some things slide.

I’m not going to lie: This one is about a good dram. It’s Highland Park 1999 Cask Strength Gordon & MacPhail. Perhaps it’s the exception. But spoilers: I liked it, so if you’re here for the anti-G&M circlejerk, guess you’re SOL.

Also I’m a sucker for anything that goes again the norm. In this case, it’s a Highland Park that hasn’t been in a sherry cask. They typically age 20+% of their drams in sherry. And this isn’t. So I’m already down. With the clown. Not really, fuck those guys.

Not Juggalos though. They can be good people. Just not an ICP fan, you know?

Fuck it, I’m rambling, let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Highland Park 15 G&M 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Island

Distilled: 8.30.1999

Age: 15 years

Matured in: First Fill Bourbon Barrel

Abv: 56.8%

Colour: 5Y 8/8

Nose: Peat, cocoa, strawberry, butter, fruit punch, lime, cake frosting, cloves, mint

That’s a lot of information, isn’t it? Glad you made it.

This has the taste of a bunch of different prepared baked desserts. Like a cake, mixed with some fruit jelly doughnuts, and then mixed with bread and butter pudding.

It’s sweet. There’s some aspects pulling it back, but end of the day, here’s hoping you like sweets. Otherwise that’s proof you’re on the side of the Communists. Or not. I can’t keep track of my fears anymore.

Taste: Vanilla, oak, lemon, tobacco, anise, chocolate, pineapple

The quality of the casks is evident here. It takes the peat and really elevates it. Also the amount of time on this one works for it. Quite tasty. Nothing insane, but nice amount of complexity.

Again, hope you like baked goods. Maybe made by someone with a cigar, like Suge Knight. Bet he makes a nice turnover.

Finish: Hops, floral, cloves, cumin, rosemary, root beer

Odd finish. If I was a guessing man, and I’m not, I’d have said this spent time in a beer barrel.

Now you understand why I’m so “great” at guessing mystery reviews.

The sweet aspects are less strong at the end, and I think that works in it’s benefit.

Conclusion: So on the one hand, this is an interesting dram that has started to show aspects of complexity. On the other hand, it basically screams fruit baked goods the whole time until an odd hoppy end.

And I’m not a big fan of hops or tobacco. So my score drops because of those notes. I found it to be unique at the end, and really would recommend it to anyone looking for a different take on Highland Park.


Scotch review #450, Island review #37, Whisky Network review #724

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