Longrow Red 11 Australian Shiraz

LR11AS 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for this dram. I think. I assume. Looked like his handwriting.

To say that I enjoy Longrow at this point is a tad redundant. To instead say that I’m coco for cocoa puffs is a lie, as I ate a bunch of them off the floor as a child and don’t really like that flavour anymore.

That really doesn’t have much to do with the whisky. Well, sometimes it has a proper cocoa taste and maybe some musty-ness, however it’s a lot better and something I like putting in my mouth.

Like dick (see, dick jokes are my thing).

Anyway, on to the whisky. Longrow releases a new whisky almost every year under the “Red” label. And each year the whisky is finished in a different wine barrel. Usually one that’s red, given the name.

And let’s be honest: Longrow White would get them up Tumblr’s collective infected hugbox, so they stick to red things. For the natives. Or something.

I’ve had most of them. And now to have the last one, Longrow Red 11 Australian Shiraz. Each Red release has a different amount of time hanging with the casks. In this crimson cask collaboration, it matured in the ex-Shiraz barrels for 5 years. So longer than the Cabernet and Pinot, less than the Port.

For those of you wondering what an Australian Shiraz is and if it’s going to kill you, it’s a varietal of grape known as Syrah or Shiraz. Usually if it’s from Australia or South Africa, it’s called Shiraz, because nomenclature is dumb. Honestly, I wanted to explain it all, however in the end it’s a regional difference based on the style of wine, and the grape tends to be versatile and show different types based on the heat of the area.

There. That should piss off at least one wine expert.

Oh, and yeah, it’ll probably kill you, but only if you drink too much.

Anyway, this is whisky, not wine, so let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

LR11AS 1.jpg

Price: N/A

Region: Campbeltown

Abv: 53.7%

Colour: 10YR 7/10

Nose: Orange, brine, smoke, cocoa, sour raspberry, melon, black pepper, turnip, pastry

Complex nose. Starts out with lots of acid and smoke. Eventually has this buttery sweetness mixed with just the right amount of earth.

I think they balanced the right amount of ex-Bourbon to wine cask. Sometimes a wine cask can really overtake a whisky and make it smell like hobo brandy. And you don’t want hobo brandy.

Taste: Peat, orange, cocoa, peanut, currant/raisin, anise, ham

Yeah, ham. I’m sorry if you’ve never had ham. Not because you can’t be part of this, but because ham is amazing. Or HAM, as the kids say.

I’m old.

Big smokey and acidic notes on this one. It all blends well. Nothing as complex here as other Reds, however nice to sip. The flavours mesh well, so it’s still an interesting dram.

Finish: Tons of smoke, BBQ sauce, raisin, ginger, grape, cream, brown sugar, lime rind

Holy Balls the smoke on the finish. And I like a lot of smoke, but this is too much smoke. Smoke? Right here.

Given time it somewhat recedes, however it’s quite unbalanced towards burning.

Conclusion: Barring an uneven finish that takes quite a bit of time to tame, this is a nice dram. Unique, has a good amount of acid mixed with a smokey dram. It’s a slight departure from peat bombs and sherry bombs, and not to mention peated sherry bombs.

What I’m saying is we have bombs here like up in Vietnam.

I’m old.

Anyway, this dram is tasty, and while I think Longrow did better with other Red releases, this is still quality, and well worth at least a dram.


Scotch review #457, Campbeltown review #24, Whisky Network review #734

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