High West Rendezvous Rye

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for the sample Screw it. Let’s go on a kick. No, not a Rye kick, though given the last whiskey I reviewed was also High West, and was also mostly rye, who would blame you for thinking that? Pol Pot, that’s who. No, instead I’m going for a few whiskies from High West. […]

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High West Bourye (2014)

Thanks to /u/cnbrown313 for this sample. I’ve been told I had to try High West Bourye. So I did. There, intro done. Nice job /u/TOModera . Seriously though, when I last have reviewed the lonely distiller in the middle of Hell Utah, I’ve had quite a few people tell me I had to get my hands […]

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Springbank 16 Local Barley

Thanks to /u/devoz for the sample. I enjoy Springbank. Normally I wouldn’t have to say that, but with Summer and vacation and my personal life being quite busy, not to mention two bad allergic reactions, I’ve been off whisky for a bit. So I feel I should restate a bias I have. I enjoy Spingbank quite […]

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Kinda did this backwards. Started with the high end version, then bought a mini of the standard offering. Granted I’m doing the same with this review, so why change now? This is, technically, not a whisky. It’s a whisky based spirit drink that has dropped below the mandatory 40% to still be a whisky. But […]

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Bib & Tucker 6 Small Batch

So I’m in Newfoundland for vacation. And I’m drinking Ouzo, Rum, cocktails, and everything else I can have. However the whisky selection isn’t great. And I don’t blame them: It’s an Island, and Canada has Byzantine laws concerning the Devil’s happy water. But then, in the deep parts of the city (well… a basement), I […]

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Schenley Golden Wedding

Recently went on vacation. It wasn’t to somewhere outside of Canada, thus there haven’t been any posts from me for awhile. That said, I’m still a whisky drinker at heart, and even in the Savage Jelly Bean wilds of Newfoundland (see: St. John’s), I found some whiskies I have never reviewed before. Or rather my […]

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