Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blend

Crown Royal Monarch 75 2.jpg

I’m getting to that “drank too much at the bar” stage while on vacation.

See, I’ve done 3 others reviews at the Underbelly. And while I could probably do a 5th, I’d like to sleep well and it wouldn’t be that great.

Not to mention we all finished our food and fatty wants to sleep (I’m fatty, BTW).

So I finished the night with Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blend.

So I’m going to start with an interesting point here: There’s few whiskies I’ll say were made to just sit on a shelf. I honestly believe all whisky, regardless of how much it’s suppose to sit in a glass decanter made by the Elves after the fall of man, should be drank.

However there’s times where a whisky seems to be made as a tribute. And in this case, I believe this one falls under that.

Don’t get me wrong: Master Blender Joanna Scandella knows what’s up. She works for Crown Royal, and while I may not love their products, she’s consistent and has the tongue of the people.

The reason I say it sounds like a tribute is because she dipped into the Crown Royal Library. She added extra portions of old stock of coffey rye, with some stock coming from the old barrels in Gimli, Manitoba, and others coming from the now mothballed warehouse in Windsor, Ontario.

The Gimli site is “fabled as old”, whatever that means. And the Windsor site hasn’t seen production in 2 decades.

Does old mean better? Not always. And have I had just the coffey rye, in a single barrel? Yes, I have. It’s good. Not jizz to death good.

However I still wanted to try this. Partially because I heard it’s one of the better products, partially because I don’t want to drink the Apple shit they have yet.

So let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Crown Royal Monarch 75 1.jpg

Price: N/A anymore at the LCBO

Region: Canada

Abv: 40%

Colour: 5Y 8/6

Nose: Raspberry, club soda, alcohol, lemon, toasted marshmallow, lavender

Wow. Really interesting flavours here. There’s an alcohol/lemon mix in there that seems out of place. I’m assuming that there’s some grain whisky in here, an that’s causing it, but otherwise it’s a rather unique nose.

Surprised it’s able to shine through at 40%, though I’m guessing that’s the age coming out and actually doing something.

Taste: Cherry, almond, papaya, oak, peanut, honey

Fruity and nutty. Nothing too beyond that, though I enjoy it.

I like the more red fruit/papaya aspects of this one. It’s quite smooth and those add a needed acidity that works.

Finish: Oak, tannic, hazelnut, black pepper, caramel, coconut, dried cranberry, earth

Big finish. More so than the taste. Again, like the nose, there’s moments of “huh, guess there’s grain in here”, which I’m just opining about more so than saying from any real knowledge I could find.

Conclusion: So part of me likes aspects of it, and part of me wanted more.

The part that wants more wonders about the Abv. We have old, ancient, antique Canadian whisky here, and yet it’s a low Abv. Lowest possible, actually. So I wonder if it’s a tribute just to have the interesting whiskies from across the country.

The other part of me feels like if more Canadian whisky was like this, we wouldn’t have that bad of a reputation worldwide. It’s doing different things, it’s interesting, and while I find it too weak for all the hullaballo, it’s still a decent whisky and still a good step in the right direction.

Now if only they added Apple flavouring (kidding, please don’t do that).


World Whisky review #161, Canada review #55, Whisky Network review #745

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