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Kinda did this backwards. Started with the high end version, then bought a mini of the standard offering.

Granted I’m doing the same with this review, so why change now?

This is, technically, not a whisky. It’s a whisky based spirit drink that has dropped below the mandatory 40% to still be a whisky.

But where’s my manners… oh, yeah, I dropped them for these emails to be myself. None the less I should explain what I’m doing.

Today I’m reviewing Sortilège. And before you ask: It’s the French word, not the English, which means to tell the future from a card or other item from a random collection. I’m not full of shit one of ‘those’ people.

Instead it’s a Canadian, specifically Quebecois liqueur that uses Canadian whisky as a base. It’s then mixed with Québecois maple syrup, and sold as an after dinner drink.

It’s also the Quebec name for the horrid show “Beastly”, but let’s not get off track and feel like shit about ourselves.

So, let’s see how this tastes, shall we?

Sortilege-Liqueur 1.jpg

Price: Not currently available at the LCBO

Region: Canada

Abv: 30%

Colour: 2.5Y 8/6

Nose: Maple Syrup Grade A Medium Amber, lemon, dusty, nutmeg

Maple syrup. MAAAAple syrup. Maple syrup? Maple. Syrup.

Also some other flavours, but you won’t notice them over something.

Taste: Maple Syrup Grade A Medium Amber, club soda

Yup, more maple syrup. Deadly stuff too. Can’t taste a lick of alcohol, however this is pretty strong from a Liqueur.

Finish: Maple Syrup Grade A Light Amber, lemon, minerals

Less maple at the end. It’s still the main thing, just lighter. And some other stuff.

Conclusion: It tastes like booze and maple syrup. Not bad to drink, but don’t expect more. Buy it to have with dessert. Don’t expect much, however it is better than other Maple Syrup/ Whisky products out there, so buy this. Or just buy the Prestige.


World Whisky review #162, Canada review #56, Whisky Network review #746

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