Auchentoshan SMWS 5.42 “Bathed in a baker’s shop”

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See a trend yet in my posting? I give you a couple more to figure it out.

A few months ago I was on the Internet, and for once, not playing video games, watching videos, pleasuring myself, or all three.

No, instead I was chatting with other Whisky nerds. And one of said whisky nerds mentioned how he needed to try a proper Lowland.

Being the lover of Lowlands (I will fuck the shit out of a hill in Scotland), I of course threw myself upon the fire, and agreed to split a bottle of SMWS 5.42 “Bathed in a baker’s shop”. Because I’m that kinda caring guy.

Who will fuck the shit out of a hill in Scotland.

So why do I love Lowlands so much? It’s not due to the dirt and grass fetish I have.

No, instead I enjoy a nice, floral summer dram. And I like the idea of sharing them, because I think that the standard fare of low Abv, light whiskies doesn’t do them justice.

Rather we need a balls out, crazy strong flower store in the face, tons of juicy fruits right to your mouth. What we need is a silly late 90s early 00s fruit snack commercial.

And that’s what I’m hoping for. So let’s see if I lead him down the wrong path.

smws 542 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Lowland

Age: 13

Distilled: 11th October 2000

Outtrun: 274 bottles

Cask Type: Refill Hogshead Ex-Bourbon

Abv: 59.5%

Colour: 5Y 9/2

Nose: Peach blossoms, oak, clover honey, sourdough, almond, lemon, mace

At first I had down “floral” here, however as time went on, it became more pronounced and smelled exactly like Peach blossoms in Spring.

You know, because I’m so relatable and you’ve all lived through that, right? Fuck me.

Taste: Floral, pumpkin, corn syrup, pear, honey, wood

Less complex than the nose, however different, unique flavours here. Yes I know pumpkin is mostly water. I probably meant that there was a light amount of squash flavour, however last time I said that there was a glowing melon that gave me nightmares.

So pumpkin it is. If you’re not a sweets fan, this may not work for you. Not cloying, but strong. Great mouth feel as well.

Finish: Jelly beans (red), floral, grassy, lemon zest, wood, mushroom

More sweets, which I love. Especially since I’ve started cutting back. Again, the standard floral and grassy notes are here. Quite a bit of earth too. Kinda surprised at that, as I typically associate it with sherry casks rather than bourbon ones.

Quite lively finish to this one.

Conclusion: So while I don’t think this quite hits the potential that Auchentoshan Cask Strength whiskes can (or have), I do think it’s quite a nice dram. Good in summer when you want to pair smelling the fresh flowers with your own.

Or whatever poor people do (this is sarcasm).

All in all a well put together, if not complex enough, dram. I’ll say it again though: If you are not a lover of sweets, then maybe this one isn’t for you.



Scotch review #463, Lowland review #28, Whisky Network review #758

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