Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18

Ended up splitting a bottle of this. So you may be asking what I’ve always been asking: What, or who, is Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18. Who is Glover? Is is Danny or Donald Glover? Because they are very talented. Well, no. And this may take some time, so maybe throw on Community or Lethal Weapon […]

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Clynelish 1996 Adelphi Selection

Thanks to /u/xile_ for forcing me to keep trying Clynelish. Bias time: I’m not a fan of Clynelish. Why? Because their name sounds like mine. Not really. I’m biased because typically I find them to have touches of honey, which I love, mixed with a waxiness that reminds me of the chocolate from Easter that I […]

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High West Double Rye! (Manhattan, Ex-Campfire, and Bourbon Finish) [Triple Review]

Thanks to /u/LetThereBeR0ck and /u/cnbrown313 Recently High West sold off their distillery. And thus, it’s time to start saying, before anyone else, say it’s gone bad and time to grab all the whiskies while you still can. That’s right folks. In no way will the old company be the same way as it ever has been. […]

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Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Cured Oak

Thanks to /u/I_SAID_NO_GOLDFISH for this sample. Hey, look at that /u/TOModera guy! He’s reviewing a bunch of High End bourbons…. is he dying? No, just getting stuffed like Chuck Testa. And I don’t mean food. DICK JOKE! Anyway, there’s my dedication to Amy Schumer. Moving along, we have another one of the seemingly random and genius […]

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