Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve [Feather’s Flight Review Set #15]

RLSR 2.jpg

Impromptu Feathers Pub night? Who would have expected it from me?

Well, me for one.

I was asked, nicely, by my father and his friends, to pick out a whisky for a new whisky drinker to try. And I was told to pick any one, especially a high end one. So I did. I picked Royal Lochnagar 23 year Cask Strength. You’ll notice that isn’t bolded.

Because it was out. And the only Royal Lochnagar they had left was Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve. See, bolded. So you know what we did.

We drank it. Because you gotta try a Highland. And the friend out was just starting with Scotch, and had enjoyed Speysides quite a bit, so I picked a Highland to show the difference.

Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve is a now discontinued offering right from the distillery that came with a wooden box. And… that’s about all I can find. No other information available.

I think part of it is sherried. And there’s a wooden box. And it looks older than it is. This isn’t the 2012 version, it’s the version that stopped being made in 2008. Uh… yeah.

So here we go. Let’s see what I got us into.

RLSR 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Highland

Abv: 43%

Colour: 10YR 8/10

Nose: Orange, brown sugar, burnt caramel, pineapple, the beach, lime

Lots of burn caramel. Tons of smells of the beach. Big flavours on the nose.

Kinda surprised this one is both old (and probably a little bit oxidized) and low alcohol, because it actually has a good nose. Reminds me of a pineapple cake with spices that I have made in the past.

Taste: Pineapple, coal, radish, lemongrass, ginger

Not as big as the nose. Not in the least. There’s a gritty group of flavours here. Quite earthy. Still has some of that strong, acidic, sticky note, but easy drinking.

I guess you could say smooth. Odd flavour combo here.

Finish: Smoke, burnt almond, vanilla, floral

Finishes with some nice surprise smoke. And more burnt parts!

Seriously, Royal Lochnagar treats us like gods with all the burnt offerings here (HA! Easy joke, I’m amazing).

Also has some Lowland elements here, with good vanilla and floral elements.

Conclusion: This tastes of an older dram that had a great nose and was forgotten in the back too long. And then some guy pulled it out and voila, we had to sell it. And when it came time to do so, we also found out that we needed to make money on it, so we watered it down.

Well, it wasn’t us. No one would do that. Not here, at least. Well, not unless it was their own money.

Anyway this dram is one of those. A Macallan Rare Cask. An expensive, good looking bottle that has a great nose and an okay taste and finish. The kind of thing that people buy and enjoy, but those of us who try multiple and hand out criticism ignore.

Enjoy this as something that sits on the wall and looks great. Enjoy this because anyone who tries it will find it okay. I’ll pass in the future, and hope that there’s another dram in stock next time.


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