Glendronach 43 Year Old Single Cask (1971, #2920) [800th Whisky Review]

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First off, yes. This is my 800th review on the whisky network. I’m now about 1% of the database. Part of it. A good chunk, at least.

Second, thank you to /u/xile_ for this sample. I owe you, and thanks for giving me a milestone worthy dram to review.

It’s kinda funny too, because a few days after reviewing this I ended up with a bad cold and haven’t had any since.


Anyway, I’m not that bitter. I mean, it could have been worse. It could have happened before this one.

But let’s get to the whisky. GlenDronach 43 Single Cask 1971. That’s a lot of take in. In a way, let’s celebrate breaking down.

GlenDronach has quite the past. They were founded in 1826, and the second do apply for a license to do so legally in Scotland. Ever. It may have started as a consortium of farmers and businessmen. Which sounds awesome because I get to use consortium.

It was mothballed for a short 41 years, however it has risen from the ashes like some sort of water bird that’s throwing you off.

Now owned by BenRiach, Actually not anymore, really. BenRiach and Glenglassaugh were bought out by Brown-Forman. So… yay?

At least someone made some money.

Single Cask: Oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve explained this one before. Put simply, the whisky we normally enjoy is made with the contents of various barrels to ensure consistency. This whisky? One barrel. No mixing. Well, that’s what it normally means.

See, there’s no real standard, and GlenDronach are vattins of multiple barrels, which may themselves have been different kinds. The last cask though, that’s only one.

I’ll let you decide how hinky that is. For me? It’s hinky as fuck.

1971 – This is a year.

So that was fun. Luckily since I started writing this, I’m feeling better. Perhaps writing makes me feel better. Or jerking off. One or the other.

Let’s see how this (the whisky, not the other) tastes, shall we?

glen 43 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Cask Type: PX sherry puncheon

Cask #: 2920

Date Distilled: Feb 1971

Date Bottled: Nov 2014

Bottle #: 392

Outrun: 523

Region: Highland

Abv: 48.6%

Colour: 5YR 4/8

Nose: Currant sauce on peppered venison, gingersnaps, apricot, cocoa butter, Szechuan pepper, gunpowder

Look, I get it: I say some things that aren’t exactly “everyday eats”, and I should explain it.

Gingersnaps are cookies that have a strong, ginger flavour, are quite crunchy, and… oh, not that one.

Okay, so currant has this rich smell to it. Like a dark caramel and plum in one. Venison, to me at least, has a sour smell to it, and beef. Not like a sour beef, just… different. Maybe game does that to me. Or maybe I impose the taste on it.

Who knows, maybe I’m full of shit, I’ve only done 800 of these.

Taste: Peppered beef, ginger ale, cashew caramel chocolate bars, cranberry, tobacco

More peppered meat, less game this time. At first this starts out nice and cool, like that cool guy who gave me candy just to suck on a snake in the back of his van. And then BAM! He drops me off at the wrong road.


Anyway, this explodes into stronger and stronger flavours. Big caramel, nutty, and chocolate flavours, lovely oak/fruit, and then tobacco.

Sure, I don’t normally like tobacco. But here it somehow works? I don’t know, just assume I’m full of it.

Finish: Duck a l’orange, maple candy, smoked salt, dry oaked lemon (whatever the fuck that is, I’m as confused as you), sage infused bitters, my first espresso, anise

Nice amount of citrus in the end. It really mixes together, launches some bitter notes that I love. Really powerful finish. Takes some time to open up. Really, really tasty.

Conclusion: Wow. Oldest non-single grain whisky I’ve ever had. Oldest single grain ever. Oldest woman I’ve slept with. Wait, maybe not that last one.

So I guess I’ll start this off for all the people wondering: This isn’t the most amazing whisky, but it’s certainly the most interesting application of sherry I’ve ever had. Unique, memory inducing, long finish.

I guess I’ll put it this way: My wife, whom I love, hates whisky that has been in sherry casks. Utterly hates them. Luckily she has an ass that doesn’t quit, otherwise Bam, straight to the moon… to live with the whalers on the moon, I guess. Never really got that quote.

So she drinks this, and is blown away. She really enjoys it. I’m lucky I don’t have a full bottle, or she’d punk it. That’s what this whisky has achieved, and that’s pretty impressive.


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