Wiser’s Last Barrels 14

By fluke chance, I walked into a burger bar best known for it’s craft beer, and they had a whisky I haven’t had a chance to try yet. It’s like opening up a chocolate bar and then seeing a really tasty pretzel and buying it because you have no willpower. So like that. They even […]

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Mortlach 21 Gordon & MacPhail

At a new bar now. No, I’m not drinking in addition to these posts. Well, one Brickworks Cider, and it was tasty, but still. We’re walking a lot and it’s vacation, stop giving me the third degree. As I’m a totally awesome person and husband, while picking a place to eat and drink for the […]

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Tin Cup

Different bar. Need to sit down. Walked too much. Much too fat for all this walking. Fatty needs a bourbon. Why? Well because I’ve reviewed everything else and I can’t drink without reviewing anymore. It just doesn’t happen. Like I can’t have a boner unless she’s up to her tits in chocolate pudding and wearing […]

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