Ardmore Adelphi Fascadale Batch 9

Ardmore Adelphi Fascadale Batch 9 2.jpg

Thanks, for one final (for this series, at least) dram from /u/xile_. And then I needed to uber home, because I’m quite discombobulated.

Quite the Adelphi braggart these days, aren’t I? I promise, I’ll do some other IB soon. And maybe the odd OB too.

But that’s in the future (or the past, or the present, depending on when you read this, when I, the narrator actually exists, or if time is consistent across all planes). For now, I’m reviewing Ardmore Adelphi Fascadale Batch 9. This one stands out amongst the other reviews for a few reasons.

For one, previous batches of Fascadale were made from whisky from Highland Park. This is the first one that is made using Ardmore. Why the switch? I… don’t know. Maybe Highland Park didn’t have the stock. Maybe Ardmore tasted more like what they were aiming for.

You see, Adelphi is currently working on their own whisky. And Fascadale will eventually be their own distillery. So they are currently bringing out whiskies that will be their profile.

Thus they have purchased multiple Bourbon and Sherry casks of at least 14 years of age from Ardmore to blend a single malt that has the profile they want.

Given Ardmore has had it’s ups (Traditional Cask) and downs (Legacy) in the past few years, I’m always happy to try other offerings from them (or made by them, or using them, etc.)

So, let’s see how the future tastes (or the past, or the future compared to the past. Still figuring this out).

It’s all quite wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

Ardmore Adelphi Fascadale Batch 9 1.jpg

Price: N/A at the LCBO. Keg n Cork has it for $109.96 (CAD)

Region: Speyside

Cask Types: Combination of Bourbon and Sherry casks

Age: 14 years

Abv: 46%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/8

Nose: Heather, smoke, pot pourri, cocoa, fresh buns baking, quince

The smoke doesn’t take centre stage on this one, which is different for a peated malt. If I was to imagine a Lowland that was peated, this would be it.

You know, some times I wonder if I need a second paragraph, and write it out, try to add a joke. But really I’m just wasting you, the reader’s time. Which I’m pretty sure is my future and present.

Taste: Mango, raspberry, white chocolate, smoked capers, cassia buds

Spicey, sweet, and works nicely. Well, other than the capers. They kinda site around, pickly and trying to help but really just being flowers you can eat.

Not that it’s surprising given the floral elements in the nose.

Finish: Cardamon, old wood, grape, peat, cocoa, cloves

Nice finish. Kinda woody, but that subsides to some light peat notes. It finishes up very well. It’s the kind of dram you could have after a huge meal and nicely sit with, feeling complete.

Well as complete as one is standing in the universe fighting against the constant onslaught of time and the unknowable understanding of life itself.

Beyond that, really calming dram.

Conclusion: We’re all gonna die, fuck it?

Oh, wait, conclusion on the whisky.

This is a sweet, floral whisky with proper peat notes. Not a peat bomb. Not a floral bomb. Good amount of sherry elements, mostly spice and sweetness. Nothing here will blow your mind, however if this is what the entry level tastes like, I’d be buying everything they bring out.

Assuming, of course, they can do it themselves. In the future. Or past. Or now.


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